Success Stories



"This program was life changing for us. Truly and utterly life changing."

We struggled month after month with getting our babies to sleep more than 3 hours at a time. They all 3 would wake up 3-4 times each night, leaving us in the most exhausted state we could have ever imagined. They had to be rocked, held, fed, every time they woke up to go back to sleep and it was pure exhaustion. During the day, we rocked them to sleep and they would nap around 30-45 mins a couple times a day. They were awful at night. The witching hour was like 3-4 hours every night of feeding and rocking and being so tired we would crash and not eat most nights. Then I called Sleepwise and was paired with Jeannine and our lives were changed instantly! She got us on a schedule that makes life so easy its insane. My family, including my parents and sisters, are amazed at what a huge turn around there’s been for our night times. They are going down awake, taking two 1.5hr naps each day and sleeping 11 hours a night. We get SLEEP! And they are so much happier now that they get sleep too. This program was life changing for us. Truly and utterly life changing. Jeannine was our saving grace!

Ashley (Mom of 8 month old triplets) LA

"moms, it is OK TO ASK FOR HELP! I am not embarrassed anymore to admit I needed help."

Here was my life at night. My son, who was 11 months at the time, was waking up (not kidding) every single hour! I would go into his room, rock him back to sleep, then try to gracefully put him back in his bed praying he wouldn’t wake up because he would scream and the process would start all over again. My child since birth, would only sleep a maximum of 2 hours EVER! We even did bed sharing for 3 months because I was becoming a monster being sleep deprived. At this point, I was losing my mind and honestly starting to resent my son.

I’m sharing this because, moms, it is OK TO ASK FOR HELP! I am not embarrassed anymore to admit I needed help. Well, a mom on a nursing group I’m in reach out to me on messenger about a sleep consultant she used. I have read a lot about them previously, but never felt willing enough to spend money on one. NOW going through it, I would have paid double! My son in 3 Days time, went from waking every hour to sleeping 8pm to 7:30am every night !!!! I am not joking!!!!

I wish I would have know about Jeannine Conte 6 months ago! I wish all you struggling moms the best of luck and restful nights.

Laura (Mom of 12 month old) IN

"Having Dana's guidance was invaluable!"

We are not constantly dreading what is going to happen at night now with our baby's sleep and we get to spend more time together. It's a win-win!"

Nara and Raj (Parents of a 5 month old) IL

"He knows exactly what to expect and has been such a happier child now that he is rested and knows the routine."

Our son was never a great sleeper. Around 18months I found myself rocking him fully to sleep, feeding him an 8-10oz bottle until he was out, placing him very slowly into he crib and tip toeing out of the room. Only to have him wake up about 20 minutes later. It had snowballed and he started requiring more and more assistance to fall asleep. I was losing my mind and becoming a person that no one really wanted to be around. I was very apprehensive when first working with Jennifer, he was obsessed with his bottle and he was an older baby and I just thought there is no way this will change. Literally the first night with no bottle and no rocking he went to sleep within 40 minutes, and a nap with in 20 minutes and it only got better and better with sleep each day. He knows exactly what to expect and has been such a happier child now that he is rested and knows the routine. Jennifer walked me through everything and had a very concise plan that made so much sense. It was so worth the money and the time. I only wish I had done it sooner.

Cole (Mom of a 20 month old) CO

"My wife and I have been able to spend quality time together again and it's all because of Kelli and the Sleepwise plan!"

Before contacting Kelli, my wife and I were struggling to get Emorie to sleep and had fallen into co-sleeping, using a Doc-a-tot, a sleep suit, feeding to get her to sleep, etc.  Event then, we never got consistent sleep as Emmie would wake up 3-5 times per night and we were just as exhausted and irritable as our baby.

We are not enjoying multiple quality naps during the day and 12 hour night sleeps along with a happy baby that is well rested! My wife and I have been able to spend quality time together again and it's all because of Kelli and the Sleepwise plan! It is the best money we have ever spent! Thank you so much Kelli!

Bryan and Lauren (parents of 6 month old) LA

"Life is so much better now that we are all well rested! Thank you!"

Our life consisted of early wake ups, no naps and a bed time process that took over an hour. We had a very tired and cranky baby. In just two weeks, she successfully started napping for 1+ hours multiple times a day and bedtime is a breeze. Working with Jeannine was great, she helped us in so many ways and we now have given Oaklee healthy sleep habits for life! Life is so much better now that we are all well rested! Thank you!

Kelsea (mom of 5 month old) AZ

"there was an immediate (dare I say, "miraculous") improvement!"

We are so thankful for Jeannine's help with getting little Amber to sleep! Before reaching out to Sleep Wise Consulting, Amber had slept well until she turned about four months old. Fast forward to ten months old, and she was still waking every two hours and demanding to be nursed at each of those wakings. Naps were only about 30 minutes long, twice or three times a day. She was still in good spirits, but we were all exhausted. My oldest daughter (18 yo) had to wear earplugs to bed.

After the initial phone conversation, Jeannine gave us some tips to start with while she put together a full plan that would jive with our existing schedules and future goals. When I put it all into place, there was an immediate (dare I say, "miraculous") improvement! Amber went down for sleep easily and although she woke a few times the first few nights, she did not demand my assistance. I never had to leave my bed! After only a few nights, she slept the entire night with zero wakings! Her naps have consistently been 1.5 - 2 hours at home, and I can actually plan to get work done in those hours!

It has been a complete, sanity-saving experience.  I would strongly encourage other families to reach out when they feel they are in need of assistance.

Debra (Mom of 10 month old) TX

"This is the best decision we could have made not only for Kutter but for my husband and I to have some alone time for the first time since Kutter was born!"

Our 17 month old little boy had always slept with us at night and I have held him for every nap since he was born!  After just a few nights of working with Kelli, our sweet boy started sleeping 12 hours at night! This is the best decision we could have made not only for Kutter but for my husband and I to have some alone time for the first time since Kutter was born!

Tracey (Mom of 17 month old) TX

"Our little guy did amazing and slept through the night on the second night! We couldn’t believe it! It’s been 3 weeks and he’s a whole different child!"

I finally decided to make the call to a sleep consultant when my 6 month old was waking 7-8x a night and taking 1 hour naps during the day. Needless to say he was miserable all the time and it started effecting his eating schedule as well. When asked, how much does he eat? Or how long does he sleep? I would just shrug my shoulders!!! Our days could only be described as chaos, and that was also taking a toll on our young marriage!!! We were all so tired and our days revolved around keeping a little Human happy, which seemed impossible.

Sarah was very confident on the phone that we could get this all under control. After she relayed the plan to me I was very excited to get to it and get to sleeping! Our little guy did amazing and slept through the night on the second night! We couldn’t believe it! It’s been 3 weeks and he’s a whole different child! He’s eating so much better and taking great naps during the day, and now sleeps 11-12 hours straight through the night! Personally I feel like a whole new person, my life feels back on track and under control again!

We can’t thank Sarah enough for literally changing our lives! We are all so much happier, and well rested!!!

Carlena (mom of 6 month old) MA

"I am overjoyed to say that my little man sleeps 11-12 hours at night with little or no crying out."

Kelli is absolutely phenomenal!  I truly wondered whether this program could remotely help Jackson but knew something had to give.  I was desperate for sleep because my 13 month old had never slept more than 2 1/2 - 3 hours at once and lately was up hourly.  After my initial consultation with Kelli, I decided I had to make a drastic choice.  It has proven to be one of the best choices ever.  I am overjoyed to say that my little man sleeps 11-12 hours at night with little or no crying out.  Kelli has been the most patient and helpful coach during this trying time.  The money spent was more than worth it.  My only regret is that I didn't do it sooner!!!

Teri (mom of 13 month old) LA

"We feel like we have our lives back and a well-rested and happy baby! "

Working with Kelley was one our best things we could do for our family! We figured by baby #3, we would have zero issues getting our daughter to nap well and sleep through the night. Nope. At 5 months, Hazel was taking 4 unpredictable naps a day and my husband was even sleeping in the nursery nightly to help get our baby to sleep without waking up 3-5 times a night. After working with Kelley,  we've adjusted her schedule and gave Hazel new skills to take 3 good naps and 11.5 hours of sleep a night. Hazel has made significant developmental and growth gains in just the two weeks we worked with Kelley and feel confident in her sleep going forward. We feel like we have our lives back and a well-rested and happy baby!

Amanda (Mother of 4 month old) IL

"We also feel that we have the tools and confidence to make adjustments in her sleep as she grows older and things change."

My daughter Maya is 16 months old.  We decided to make the investment in Maya’s sleep after several months of her sleep getting progressively worse to the point where we were co-sleeping for about three months. Maya was completely dependent on nursing to sleep and would wake several times a night to nurse.  I worried she was not getting the quality sleep she needed for her development.  I was going to bed with her at 8:00 p.m. each night too as I was not comfortable leaving her in our bed alone.  I was feeling stressed as I did not have much time to accomplish anything around the house as I work full-time.  I was so tired all the time from waking every few hours along with Maya.  Maya also napped in the ergo baby carrier and never in her crib.  I worried when Maya started school in a few months that she would not be able to fall asleep on her own and nap well in the school setting.  I chose Kimberly as my sleep consultant after reading other positive reviews of her success with working with toddlers.  Kimberly was very knowledgeable, responsive and understanding of my desire to minimize crying as much as possible.  I understood that crying would be involved in the sleep learning process but it improved each night and I was surprised that it quickly became more fussing than crying.  It was a long, hard two weeks of sleep learning but, now, Maya is sleeping independently in her crib at night and for naps.  She falls asleep on her own without nursing.  She still wakes once or twice during the night but she is mostly able to put herself back to sleep.  She is sleeping for a long stretch of 7-10 hours uninterrupted each night and I know this will continue to improve to where she sleeps for 11 hours uninterrupted.  It takes a little longer for her to fall asleep for naps but she only fusses for a few minutes and will sleep for two hours, more or less.  We are very pleased with our sleep learning experience and would wholeheartedly recommend Kimberly to anyone ready to invest in their child’s sleep.  It was a difficult decision to move forward partly because of the expense but I do believe that I would have given up if I were doing it on my own. The investment forced me to stick with it and see it through.  The improvement wasn’t immediate and the first three to five days were very difficult.  In fact, Maya was not able to successfully fall asleep in her crib at nap time until nearly the second week.  We are thankful to Kimberly for her support and guidance. It has made a HUGE difference in our quality of life to have Maya sleeping in her crib at night and at naps and not waking multiple times.  I am not exhausted every day and able focus almost completely on Maya when she is awake.  We also feel that we have the tools and confidence to make adjustments in her sleep as she grows older and things change.  Thank you, Kimberly!
Jill (mom of 16 month old) TN

"if you have done babywise from day 1, but know your baby can do better... invest in this."

Alright mamas on the fence about using a sleep consultant - I’m here to share my testimonial! We used Sleep Wise Consulting and worked with Kelley Ryan. I have to tell you upfront, we didn’t have “major” sleep issues. But my 9.5 month old (10 months next week) had almost 6 weeks of early wake ups and naps were unpredictable - meaning sometimes 45 min and sometimes longer.

In two weeks, with dropping the pacifier and minor changes, nothing unrealistic or drastic at all, we were able to make it to our DWT of 6 am 5 times with wake ups 10 minutes before or less even more than that!!! And - I have been waking him from naps!

Ok - all this to say, if you have done babywise from day 1, but know your baby can do better... invest in this. I knew our son could do better but didn’t know how to “fix” his issues. Anyway, long winded thank you and seriously think about this.

Rebekka (Mother of 9 month old) WA

"Being an independent sleeper has given Daphne great  independence and security in so many other areas as well, and we cannot be more proud of her growth and development."


"As a first-time Mom, I poured over sleep research and did the best I could to start teaching my daughter Daphne how to sleep independently from 4 months onward. We had a pretty good groove, but I knew there were some things that needed improvement. I wanted to help prevent early morning wake ups for starters, and I wanted to be confident that Daphne was getting the RIGHT balance of daytime and nighttime sleep for her growth. I wanted to know that I was doing everything in my power to give her the best sleep environment, the optimal schedule and the appropriate tools for her to continue to develop and thrive. Though I had done my homework, I lacked personal confidence that what I was doing was, in fact, right and healthy for my daughter. We hired Jennifer Loney as a sleep consultant when we knew that Daphne was ready to transition to 2 naps. The signs were obvious, but I felt clueless as to how to make the transition and what the ideal schedule would be for her (there seemed to be so many to choose from). Jennifer provided the structure and the guidance I was craving. She was quickly to respond to my numerous emails and concerns (and there were many!). She even went above and beyond to provide advice to other questions regarding solid foods, sippy cups, travel and future schedules. I felt safe and confident knowing that even with the inevitable hiccups that come with a nap transition, I had someone to lean on for advice, guidance and encouragement during the process. I am not sure if I would have been able to hold my ground with the new schedule had not Jennifer been there. She helped me learn to trust myself, my daughter’s cues and the entire process. It’s hard for a perfectionist like me to work through the ups and downs of a nap transition and not see hiccups as failure. Jennifer helped me understand that a transition is exactly that – a transition. She also encouraged me in my commitment and dedication to Daphne’s sleep habits. I am so thankful that we had her guidance – Daphne transitioned to her new 2 nap schedule beautifully, and though I know she will keep growing and transition on to 1 nap eventually, I feel confident knowing that I have tools to help her move forward. Daphne is such a happy, healthy and well-rested baby. Because all her sleep needs are met, it’s never a guessing game if she’s fussy as to what might be wrong – we are able to quickly narrow it down to sickness, teething or a leap. Even her daycare teacher mentioned the other day that she wished all the infants in her class were on schedules like Daphne. Being an independent sleeper has given Daphne great independence and security in so many other areas as well, and we cannot be more proud of her growth and development. Thank you, Jennifer Loney and Sleepwise Consulting for giving our daughter the gift of optimal sleep!”

Molly & Stan (Parents of a 7 month old) MN

"Not only does she put herself to sleep for naps and bedtime, she sleeps 12 hours through the night."


After having successfully completed a plan for my 4 year old son, I knew I had to work with her again for my daughter Ruby (3 months). Not only does she put herself to sleep for naps and bedtime, she sleeps 12 hours through the night.  It was a success!”

Jackie (Mom of 3 month old) TX

"Finally getting him to sleep through the night makes it feel like Christmas came early this year!"


Thank you for giving us the tools, knowledge and support to get our son to sleep through the night and navigate the two nap transition! A few of my friends had used Sleep Wise and I told my husband that if our little guy wasn’t sleeping through the night by 6 months I was going to call for a free consultation. Well, around the 5 and a half month mark our son’s night wakings and naps were actually getting worse and I knew we needed some help. Reaching out to Jennifer Loney was the best decision we could have made! Jennifer was extremely thorough during our consultation and quick to respond to my emails allowing us to make timely and crucial schedule changes which ultimately made all the difference. I am so happy with my son’s schedule and progress. Finally getting him to sleep through the night makes it feel like Christmas came early this year!

Ashlee (Mom of a 5.5 month old) CA

"My life is so much better now being rested and always knowing I’ll get consistent naps!"

My first baby was an baby who I was able to help sleep through the night by 6 weeks, my second, not so much. Naps were good but I just needed full nights of sleep and 2-3 wake ups by 3 months wasn’t good enough.

I thought about hiring a sleep consultant, but would have a few better days of maybe only 1 MOTN waking. Then a few bad ones. Finally my husband said just do it. I was a little skeptical since I had been researching and taking people’s advice and which wasn’t working. What different would someone tell me that would work?

After only 3 days, Trent was sleeping through the night...12 hours silent without a peep! 3 great naps I was having to wake him up from! It was amazing.

My life is so much better now being rested and always knowing I’ll get consistent naps! Even an 8 hr car trip and 4 days away for Thanksgiving he stayed on schedule and slept perfectly!

Heidi (Mom of 3 month old) CA

"Not only has my little boy's quality of sleep drastically improved, but ours has also."

I never saw myself as the kind of mom who would hire a sleep trainer. I took pride in being "in tune" with my baby and thought that I could wean him off co-sleeping all by myself....he was over 2 years old when my husband and I finally decided we needed professional help. That is when Jennifer "saved the night" so to speak!

My 2-year-old boy, Justen, loved sleeping with Mommy and required back rubs and multiple servings of milk to fall asleep. He would excitedly jump into our big bed every night and demand his bottle of milk...and if the bottle ran out before he was totally asleep we would have to refill it and we were back at square one. Sometimes he would drink 32 ounces of milk from a baby bottle before 8 pm just to put himself to sleep (which I later found out is twice as much as he should be drinking in an entire day)!

Jennifer was extremely supportive when I voiced my frustrations with lack of sleep and his baby bottle habit; and I have to admit I silently questioned her unwaivering confidence when she told me she could guarantee he will be sleeping through the night AND without a bottle in 3-5 nights. NOT POSSIBLE! Well, it took Justen only a few nights to adjust to a full crib in his own room, get him on a good nighttime routine, completely stop his baby bottle/milk addiction, and get him to take regular 2-2.5 hour naps. Not only has my little boy's quality of sleep drastically improved, but ours has also.
Jennifer - your balance of genuine care for our child and family's well-being mixed with your assertive, effective techniques have changed our lives! Thank you again for everything!

Rachel (Mom of 2 year old) CA

"It has truly been worth every penny, and we are eternally grateful!"

Jonathan and I were beyond tired and exhausted before contacting Kelli.  Eli would wake every 30 minutes to an hour every night. He would end up in our bed and nursing pretty much all night. During the day, he rarely took naps and was always super fussy!

Now, Eli is a completely different kiddo. He is sleeping in his crib all night at just 3 months old! Eli has learned to self soothe and just seems so much happier with the consistency we now have. It has truly made a difference in our little family. It's so nice knowing what to expect. I feel like I have become a better mom. I am way less irritable, and I am able truly enjoy our time together without getting so frustrated. In the evenings, Jonathan and I are now able to spend time with one another and feel confident in Eli's sleep habits. We feel way more comfortable going out of town to visit our family. I am actually looking forward to going home for the holidays! I would totally recommend Kelli and Sleepwise! Kelli has been SO helpful with giving us the tools and knowledge. It has truly been worth every penny, and we are eternally grateful! 🙂

Jonathan & Jamie (Parents of 3 month old) LA

"...after 2 weeks, Alex was sleeping 11-12 hours a night with no feedings."


From about 6 weeks old until about 3 months old, Alex would sleep through the night with one quick wake up to eat. We were putting him in the crib drowsy but awake and trying to follow the eat, play, sleep routine. Around 3.5 months old, Alex’s sleeping changed completely. He needed more and more from us to fall asleep. Some nights, he woke up every 20-40 minutes and needed us to come put his pacifier back in. Some nights, we couldn’t do anything to console him - we would try rocking, bouncing, feeding, pacifier, sometimes even bringing him into our bed, but nothing could console him. I read more sleep books than I care to admit and felt like we were doing everything we could. We desperately reached out to Kimberly, somewhat hesitantly because we didn’t think anyone could really help. But after about 2 weeks, Alex was sleeping 11-12 hours a night with no feedings. He occasionally still wakes in the night but he almost always puts himself back to sleep.  Teaching Alex to sleep involved a fair amount of protesting/crying, but overall I felt good about using a gentle method and being able to show Alex that we were there for him the whole time.  My husband and I had previously tried other methods unsuccessfully because we thought Alex’s crying was too much. This was where Kimberly’s support after the rough nights was invaluable - she worked with us to find solutions and to offer the support we needed. We are all happier, and my husband and I have much more energy to devote to Alex during his time awake!

Rachael (Mom of 4.5 month old) VA

"My son is much happier and less fussy now that he is well rested!"


When I decided to work with Kimberly my son had just started sleeping through the night, so we focused more on naps. However, the first night we worked together, I moved my son into his nursery from our bedroom and thankfully didn’t have any issues. This meant I could now sleep without waking at every little sound he made. While we are still working on his nap length, he is napping more consistently and falls asleep within 5-10 minutes with little to no fussing, when before he would protest and often not even fall asleep. We also dropped his middle of the night feed which kind of happened naturally. We were also able to wean him off of the paci for sleep and he learned how to self-soothe! Kimberly provided me with the tools to tackle any problem now and in the future. My son is much happier and less fussy now that he is well rested! I highly recommend working with Kimberly in order to get better Sleep not only for your little one, but yourself as well.

Jennifer (Mom of 3.5 month old baby) FL

"Thank you for my new freedom! It’s been surprisingly easy!"


Kimberly, you have been a huge help to us and given us the confidence we needed to succeed! Harlow really has done well and despite being sick so much lately, has stuck to her sleep schedule like a champ! She went to bed tonight with no fuss but did decide to stand up a few times and laid herself down and fell asleep! I love watching her on the monitor and not having to rush in a thousand times or fail and put her in bed with me! Thank you for my new freedom! It’s been surprisingly easy!

Heather (Mom of 12 month old) OK

"...we are all getting great nighttime sleep!"

Merrilee was a colicky baby from 3-10 weeks from 7pm-11pm and was unable to have an early bedtime. By the time the colic started to subside we had no bedtime routine and she still had a hard time going to bed early. After hearing about Sleep Wise, I chose Kimberly as our consultant after reading about her extensive pediatric medical background.  She was very helpful and worked with us to try different strategies and find what would work for Merrilee.  She even stayed with us until we all felt good about Merrilee's sleep habits.  Merrilee began sleeping 11-11.5 hours consistently around 3.5 months.  And even though she hasn't been the greatest napper, she is now able to put herself back to sleep almost every time she wakes up early from a nap.  Now at almost 6 months we didn't really experience much of the 4 month sleep regression and we are all getting great nighttime sleep! Kimberly was not only knowledgeable but was also a great encouragement for me as a first time Mama learning about my baby's sleep needs!

Sarah (Mom of 3.5 month old baby) KY

"I feel like a new person, it has been LIFE CHANGING!"


"Kelley is fantastic to work with! She is incredibly knowledgable and has all the answers. Before we began sleep training I drove our 11 month old around in my car everyday for two hours so he could take a nap longer than 20 min. I fed him to sleep and he would wake up at least 5 times a night and needed to be fed or bounced back to sleep. I was nervous about sleep training and the second I contacted Kelley my mind was at ease and we were ready to begin. I was prepared for what I thought would be a rough couple of days and to our surprise, our son fell asleep in 20 min on the first night and we had to wake him up in the morning so he didn't sleep too long. He also takes a two hour nap in the morning and a one hour nap in the afternoon. He has been sleeping solidly every single night since we started. I feel like a new person, it has been LIFE CHANGING! We can't thank Kelley enough!"

Jessica (Mom of 10 month old) NY

"They are both well rested and happier than ever"


"Getting both of my children on a sleep schedule and teaching them how to sleep independently has been the best thing we could have done for our family. They are both well rested and happier than ever. Working with Kelli took the guess work out of it and gave me peace of mind that I was doing the right thing and that we would make progress towards our sleep goals. She was so understanding and supportive, and put all of my fears and apprehensions to ease. It was well worth the time, effort, and money to give my entire family healthy sleep habits."

Lorraine (Parent of a 2 year old and an 8 month old) LA

"We both sleep through the night and wake up refreshed and ready for the day!"


"Before working with Jeannine I felt lost and was letting my son determine when he was going to nap and eat - which created unpredictability and stress. He also wouldn’t sleep through the night which meant less sleep for mommy.

Now I have a solid routine with flexibility and both he and I know what to expect. We both sleep through the night and wake up refreshed and ready for the day! Thank you Jeannine!"

Kristin (Mom of a 3 month old) CA

"He basically turned into a new baby in a matter of days, and now that he is sleeping through the night"


"Kelli Manley has magical powers! My husband and I are first time parents and after 5 1/2 months of bouncing, rocking, 30 to 45 minute naps, and waking up every 3 hours all night long, we decided it was time to make some changes and that we needed some help! We hired Kelli from Sleepwise Consulting and it was an investment well worth it. The very first night, our little man went to sleep at bedtime in 11 minutes and the next day, we started to put him down wide awake for naps as well and he immediately started taking 1 1/2 to 2 hour naps.  The daytime schedule Kelli advised also drastically changed him from an all day "snacker" of 3 to 4 ounce bottles of breastmilk to full feeds of 7 -8 ounces. He basically turned into a new baby in a matter of days, and now that he is sleeping through the night, we are happier and more capable parents too! Kelli was responsive, respectful of our concerns or questions all along the way, supportive, and ultimately helped us achieve our sleep goals. Thank you, Kelli!"

JP & Alison (Parents of a 5 month old) CA

"It feels like we finally have our family back!"


"Bedtime had always a battle with our 3 year old daughter since she figured out how to climb out of her crib, but became even more so after the birth of our son. The battles were getting so bad that everyone in the household dreaded the evenings and it felt like we had bedtime PTSD.  The whole family was exhausted.  We had tried several different sleep methods with no success. We were desperate and dubious that we would ever have harmony in our house again.  Sarah's sleep plan was easy to implement and stay consistent so that we went from hours of battling to her falling asleep on her own peacefully without any protesting in a few days.  It feels like we finally have our family back!"

Megan & Stuart (parents of a 3.5 year old) CO

"I had planned to sleep train on my own but found myself extremely overwhelmed!"


"I had planned to sleep train on my own, but found myself extremely overwhelmed by all of the information out there. I turned to Kelley Ryan at Sleep Wise Consulting and 2 weeks later my 4 month old son was sleep trained! I have a happier baby, a schedule, and some free time - and, as a result, a newfound joy for motherhood. If you are on the fence about hiring a consultant, jump over it! It's the best parenting investment we've made so far."

Sarah (mom of a 3 month old) MI

"It really is the best investment we can give ourselves and Leah!"


"We started with Jennifer, when Leah was about 5 weeks old. We didn't know how much we needed her because we just assumed we wouldn't get much sleep for the first year. I contacted Jennifer because as a new mom I was becoming very overwhelmed with googling and talking to peers about what they did. It was amazing how much she calmed my nerves by walking us through the baby sleep process. We fully trusted her and her outline for us and it has paid off tremendously! By 9 weeks Leah slept through the night I am talking 7pm-7am!! She consistently sleeps through the night even at 12 weeks old. Don't wait for your baby to become a bad sleeper and then reach out, start right away with this program. Thank you Jennifer for helping us it really is the best investment we can give ourselves and Leah!”

Courtney & Joe (parents of a 3 month old) TX

"Thank you for helping me realize that good sleepers aren't just for the 'lucky' moms!"


"Just wanted to say thanks for everything. Before I hired you, Ronin's naps we're terrible, we're talking 20-45 minutes every nap with him very rarely putting himself back to sleep if he were roused. That, on top of waking up so often at night (sometimes every hour after 2 am!) I was so seriously exhausted and anxious every time he was due for a nap and especially at bedtime.


I can't thank you enough. He's so happy and I'm so much more relaxed. I get him up at 7 and he just lights up with smiles.  He goes down for naps and has the ability to self-soothe and I enjoy bedtime again because I know what to do when he wakes up.


Thank you for helping me realize that good sleepers aren't just for the "lucky moms"'s a skill that is taught and that babies really need to get their rest.  I am so happy with my decision to hire you! I am so grateful!"

Treasa (mom of a 13 week old) NE

"We are so thankful!"


"We are beyond thankful and can barely express enough gratitude to Sarah. Her plan for Brooks worked brilliantly and he was sleeping through the night by night 3! Not only has he been sleeping through the night since but he has successfully gained 2 pounds and we are now finding new rhythms and routines that make our days feel just a little less chaotic.  As a parent you try everything from pinterest to google to friends and families advice, but the structure, coaching and encouragement that Sarah gave our family was absolutely priceless.  Thank you Sarah for a new found confidence in helping us coach and teach our children sleep skills. We are so thankful!"

Kimberly (mom of a 15 month old) CO

"It's an investment you won't regret!"


"Before hiring my sleep specialist, Kimberly Brown, my 4 month old was waking up every hour and would not sleep unless he was latched on. I was at the end of my rope with 4 other kids to look after. Within a few days my baby was sleeping through the night with only two nighttime feedings. By the end of the first week he was only waking up once. I am so thrilled with that outcome! I would highly recommend using Kimberly, she changed my plan as needed and was always quickly available to me when I had any questions. It's an investment you won't regret!"

Jenni (mom of a 4 month old) FL

"This has been one of the best investments we have ever made!"


"Our sweet Ellie, once a great sleeper, hit a regression at three months and started to take short, unpredictable naps. Her nightly wake ups started to increase at the same time. Our home and work life were beginning to struggle and that’s when we decided to hire Susan. She assured me that she would be there for us every step of the way. That is exactly what she did! By the second night, our sweet girl was sleeping twelve hours through the night. She is now taking predictable naps and we are all in much better moods because of it!! This has been one of the best investments we have ever made! Susan has turned our home and work life back around and we can’t thank her enough!!"

Stephanie & Stuart (parents of a 5 month old) AL

"In just 10 days, she has completely changed my life."


"If anyone is having trouble getting their little one to sleep at night or to sleep through the night, I urge you to talk to Susan! In just 10 days she has completely changed my life, my husband's and our son's. Adam went from waking every two to three hours demanding milk all night long to sleeping through the night in just a matter of days and the process was relatively gentle on both of us. I'm finally getting a good night's sleep and most importantly, Adam is not whiny anymore because he's well rested every day. A good night's sleep is the best first birthday present we could possibly have gotten him. The investment is worth every penny and more! Thank you thank you thank you!!!!!"

Arielle & Ronen Depaz (parents of a 12 month old) VA

"I never knew that babies were supposed to sleep 12 hours a night!"


"I never knew that babies were supposed to sleep 12 hours a night! After working with Susan, I feel like Marlow is the happiest she’s ever been and so are we! I will be shouting from the rooftops to let every tired parent know about Sleep Wise Consulting!"

Allyssa & Derek Green (parents of a 7 month old) AL

"I have such confidence in being able to have our evenings back!"


"I am very happy to give a testimonial. We are so wowed by the progress that Lyla has made with her sleep. I have such confidence in being able to have our evenings back as husband and wife and know that Lyla is successfully asleep and going to stay asleep. That is so huge for my sanity! Naps are improving everyday and I see night and day difference between before we started with Dana and now. Thank you for all of your advice and support!"

Shannon & Tucker (parents of a 3 month old) NC

"After just a couple of days, I could see a difference in Jack and in myself!"


"When my son was 21 months old and had never slept a night in his bed and went from bassinet to co-sleeping (which I am not an advocate for but when you are exhausted you will do about anything for sleep), I had reached my breaking point.  I was tired, my husband was tired and our son was grumpy ALL the time.  I knew something had to change.  I saw one of our neighbors who had a small infant at the time and she looked so rested and happy.  I asked her how things were going and she introduced me to the world of sleep training and Sarah Walden.  Two days later I emailed Sarah and my life changed forever! Jack was sleeping in a twin bed in his room and would wake up at night and come into our room screaming and crying the whole way until I put him in our bed and he went back to sleep but neither my husband nor I did.  While it was sweet cuddling with Jack at night, the hour or more it would take me to get him to sleep only for him to wake a few hours later was not so sweet.  Once I talked to Sarah I knew as long as I trusted her and went with what she told me to do things would get better.  After just a couple of days I could see a difference in Jack and in myself.  He was sleeping better and sleeping ALL night in his room in a CRIB!!! We are now about 5 weeks later and Jack is sleeping 12-13 hours ALL night and nap anywhere from 1.5-2.5 hrs in his crib and he wakes up HAPPY!!! No more grumpy Jack or grumpy mommy! Our house functions better, well all have more patience with each other and we ALL sleep!!!! I can't thank Sarah enough and I recommend her to anyone I know who is having sleep issues with their children!! You won't be disappointed I promise!"

Anne (mom of a 21 month old) AL

"It is hard for us to put into words how much Jennifer and the Sleep Wise program changed our lives."


"It is hard for us to put into words how much Jennifer and the Sleep Wise program changed our lives.  Before coming to Jennifer, getting Molly to nap and go to bed was a full time job.  We would have to use every sleep prop imaginable and she would never get a good nap in her crib, which meant we never had a free hand the whole day.  We just thought that Molly was a "needy" baby and we would just have to deal with it until we thought she was old enough to get on a schedule.


We reached out to Jennifer when Molly was three months as her sleep had got even worse, waking up multiple times at night, never seeming to be very hungry, and then waking for the day as early as 3:30 am.  Jennifer was able to talk with us the next day and was able to answer all of our questions and designed a program to meet Molly's specific needs.  On day two, Molly slept through the night in her crib, with minimal protesting, and was taking all of her naps in the crib.  For the first time since she was born, we actually had free hands and time, and were no longer exhausted so we could then truly enjoy the wake time we had together.  Both us and Molly were thriving!

Molly continues to sleep through the night and loves her sleep schedule and routine.  She is much happier and calmer, and all thanks to Jennifer. This program is truly magic and we look forward to working with Jennifer until Molly graduates to her big girl bed!"

Erin & Sean (parents of a 3 month old) CA

"Jennifer's services were worth every penny!"


"Working with Jennifer made a HUGE difference for my family. We were consistently up in the middle of the night with our daughter, often more than once, and nap times were a real struggle. Now my daughter, my husband and I get more sleep than we thought possible...and boy did we need it! Jennifer created a sleep plan geared specifically for my family and my comfort level. Her support, guidance and knowledge were essential for us to make the necessary changes to get more sleep. We're so grateful that our friend of a friend passed along her business card. Jennifer's services were worth every penny...and then some!"

Kendra & Mark (parents of a 9 month old) CO

"We have time for ourselves and our marriage now."


"When we contacted Jeannine we were frustrated and exhausted. Although I had read books on baby sleep and scoured the internet, I could never find the structured guidance we desperately needed. When we started with Sleep Wise, I was totally lost. Midi almost never slept on her own. Unable to get her to sleep at night, she would always end up in our bed nursing frequently all night. Naps were totally erratic and always in her swing.


Now two weeks later, she falls asleep almost instantly in her crib and most nights sleeps right until morning. She takes 3 good naps a day with very little fussing. We have time for our selves and our marriage now. I truly feel I am a more confident mom and appreciate the time I spend with our baby so much more. Jeannine provided the support we needed through this journey. It was tough to hear our daughter cry, but Jeannine reassured us through educational resources, phone calls, as well as extremely quick replies to all our e-mails. We also know the support is there for any hiccups in the future! Thank you so much!"

Sam (mom of a 3 month old) Calgary, Alberta

"Your program has been life changing!"


"Thank You!!! Your program has been life changing! This guy hadn't slept alone in 9 months which meant Mom never slept. By night three we both slept 12 consecutive hours!!!!! Amazing!!! I am a better Mom and Josesito is a happier baby!”

Crystal & Jose (parents of a 9 month old) TX

"My husband and I couldn't believe how quickly she responded to the new schedule!"


"I am what you would call an "attached parent"... we co-slept starting the night my precious daughter was born (at home!) and nursed on demand around the clock. It wasn't a problem in the beginning - I wouldn't trade my co-sleeping days for anything and I loved nursing all the time. The problem was, although she transitioned beautifully to her crib at 6 months, Sloane was still waking up several times per night to nurse. Also, she was never a good napper and as I was trying to re-start my company, this added a lot of stress for our household. Not to mention, my husband and I were exhausted - always at the mercy of her sleep (or lack thereof) and would spend lots of time in the car and on walks trying to get in extra zzz's!! At 9 months, it was time to do something. I hated the thought of letting her cry, but I knew that there would be a little protesting if we were to get to a better place as a family, and I was right. My husband and I couldn't BELIEVE how quickly she responded to the new schedule and what I thought would be a grueling few weeks of "training" ended up being the beginning of our sleep-filled nights almost immediately upon following Sarah's recommendations. Sloane now knows how to put herself to sleep, takes great naps and is in general an even happier baby than she was before, which I didn't think was possible. We are thrilled and so incredibly thankful for this new season in our home! I'm rested, and that makes for a better mama!! Thank you, Sleep Wise!!"

Allison (mom of a 9 month old) TX

"Kelli helped our baby girl, our marriage, and our sanity!"


"We thought this was just another thing we would try that wouldn't work. To our amazement her night time wakings were cut in half by night 2. She was paci free and putting herself back to sleep and within 1 week, she was sleeping completely through the night! For the first time in 2 years, we actually had a good night's sleep! Kelli helped our baby girl, our marriage, and our sanity!"

Mallory & Bryn (parents of a 2 year old) LA

"Kelley helped us make small gentle tweaks that made such a huger difference."


"Working with Kelley Ryan has been an absolute pleasure!  We started introducing healthy sleep habits into our little boy’s routine at 2 weeks old.  He learned how to fall asleep on his own and was sleeping through the night by 8 weeks.  At 5 months old, HE STOPPED!  He had learned to roll over and was moving all around the crib all night long.  He would have multiple hour long stretches of talking to himself, whining, crying, fussing, basically doing everything but sleeping.  He wasn’t hungry.  We didn’t know what to do. After a month and a half of no improvement, we realized we needed help.  We were exhausted and he was exhausted.


We were definitely skeptical of hiring someone because we felt like we were already enforcing healthy sleep habits.  We had also been successful in sleep training our first child without any issues. We didn’t know what else we could do to improve what was already in place.  We were nervous that Kelley would recommend a hard core “cry it out” plan which we weren't uncomfortable with. Boy were we wrong. Kelley helped us make small gentle tweaks that made such a huge difference, and we saw that difference within just a couple of days. One of the biggest challenges that we faced was working with our daycare which was not being very consistent with our schedule.  Kelley was super involved in helping us work through this which was a key factor in getting us some night time rest.


Now, we are all getting rest!  Our little boy is waking up much more rested and is so much happier and healthier for it. My husband and I are actually getting sleep which has made a huge difference on our relationship with each other.  We are also better, more present and patient parents to our 4 year old.  I highly recommend working with Kelley.  We are so glad that we did!"

Taylor (mom of a 5 month old) FL

"She is waking up happier and far more rested than ever before."


"Prior to working with Jeannine, my husband and I were convinced we had been cursed with kids who were terrible sleepers.  I am now so incredibly happy to say that my 18 month can fall asleep on her own and sleep through the night.  The bedtime process has become so much easier, on both my daughter and us as parents, and she is waking up happier and far more rested than ever before.  Jeannine was terrific to work with throughout the program and provided the expertise and support we needed.  Thank you, Jeannine!"

Sarah (mom of a 16 month old) IL

"My family is now well-rested and overall much happier."


"Before we started working with Jeannine, Graham was taking over 30 minutes at night to fall asleep and having to be rocked to sleep for most naps. His naps involved a lot of crying and were also lasting only 30-45 minutes on average. After working with Jeannine, Graham falls asleep at night within 15 minutes and sleeps all night long. He is able to self soothe with the use of no props. He also is able to put himself to sleep for all naps and is taking hour plus naps at home 95% of the time. We are still working through naps at daycare but they are slowly improving as consistency improves. My family is now well-rested and overall much happier. We no longer have to dread the unpredictability of naptime and bedtime because we know Graham can now put himself to sleep and stay asleep. Thank you Jeannine!"

Ashley (mom of a 12 week old) NC

"I had no idea that some of the things I was doing could cause sleep issues!"


"After 12 months of dealing with inconsistent naps, I decided to hire Jeannine at Sleep Wise. She tweaked our schedule just enough so that my son became a much better napper. I had no idea that some of the things I was doing could cause sleep issues! Thank you Jeannine for giving my LO more sleep!"

Debbie (mom of a 12 month old) TX

"We finally decided to hire a consultant and I can honestly say that was the absolute best decision we have ever made."


"Before I worked with Sarah and Sleep Wise Consulting, me and my husband were at our wits end with our son Weston. We were first time parents and struggling a lot with getting him to go to sleep and stay asleep. He would wake up multiple times throughout the night and it would take forever to get him back to sleep only for him to wake up soon after. Needless to say it was torture. We finally decided to hire a consultant and I can honestly say that was the absolute best decision we have ever made. Our consultant Sarah was so nice and accommodating it made it much easier to handle the whole process. My son started sleeping 8 hours the second day and now sleeps from 7 am to 7 pm every night with ease. Sarah was so generous with her time and advice and made sure she was always available for any questions we had and to really walk us through everything. She answered all of my concerns and then some. She gave sound advice and positive affirmations that helped me to keep going when it got tough. If it wasn't for her I probably would have given up but she assured me I was doing the right thing and it would be worth it and boy was she right! I cannot thank her enough for all her help and kindness throughout this whole process but mostly for giving us back some sanity! My baby is much happier now and he is way less fussy than before. Everyone compliments us on our "happy and calm" infant now. He goes down for naps and bed so quickly and easily it's like a miracle and it has honestly made our lives so much easier. We thank you and Weston thanks you!!!"

Adele (mom of a 3 month old) MA

"We didn't think it would be possible!"


"Prior to working with Kelley, our then 9-week-old son could not fall asleep on his own. He constantly needed his pacifier during naps, and at night he needed to be held to fall asleep, or he would scream. We were putting him down to bed around 10 pm, completely asleep, doing a dream feed around midnight, then expecting one or two more wakings throughout the night. In addition to being exhausted, we were discouraged and frustrated; we’d read Babywise and were convinced our baby should have been sleeping at least 9 hour stretches at night by that point— what were we doing wrong?


Now at 14 weeks, our little boy sleeps like a champ. We put him down for naps wide awake, walk away and come back at the end of the nap to wake him up. At bedtime, we put him down at 7 pm wide awake, and then we have to go in and wake him up at 7 am. Kelley helped us drop the swaddle and the pacifier, all in just a few weeks. We didn’t think it would be possible!


We are so incredibly grateful to have the gift of sleep return to our household. My husband and I are getting the same amount of sleep — if not more! — as we did prior to having a child. When the next baby comes around we will be calling Kelley right away."

Maliaka (mom of a 9 week old) GA

"My only regret is that I did not start sooner!"


"Jeannine is absolutely ahhhhhmazing !!! My 8 month old baby has always struggled with sleep ! She got up multiple times at night and only took 30 minute naps! Very frustrating!!!! After only a few days of working with Jeannine , my baby is sleeping thru the night an average of 12-13 hours and is taking 1.5-2 hour naps!! This is nothing short of a miracle ! Please please call her if you need help ! You will not regret it! My only regret is that I did not start sooner!"

Anne (mom of a 9 month old) TX

"If you're thinking about using her or this it!"


"Working with Kimberly and Sleep Wise Consulting is the best decision we have made for Graham and our family in the past six months. Before we started the program, Graham was waking up anywhere between 8-15 times a night. We were all sleep deprived and it made the days especially hard with an infant and a toddler. After two short weeks working with Kimberly, I am so proud and relieved to say Graham is sleeping twelve hours a night and taking 2-3 great naps a day. Kimberly was wonderful to work with and gave us a clear and concise plan. She held our hand through the entire promise and answered any questions we had. If you're thinking about using her or this program... do it! I promise it will be life changing. We have our evenings back and a well rested and happy baby (and parents!). "

Rachel & Greg (parents of a 5 month old) NC

"This is absolutely priceless to me!"


"Thanks to Sleep Wise and Kelley my family is rested and I can enjoy my last three weeks of maternity leave feeling great and soaking up the time with Blaine and our toddler instead of feeling like a zombie! This is absolutely priceless to me!"

Carly (mom of an 8 week old) WA

"We will be forever grateful!"


"Our life before working with Jeannine had been really trying for about 6 months. My three year old wouldn't stay in his bed and was waking up 4 to 5 times a night. He would even chase me to the door when I put him in his bed. He always ended up in my bed and neither he, nor I were getting any sleep. His behavior during the day had gotten really bad. I felt like everything was out of control.


After working with Jeannine our lives have been blissfully restful! My son falls asleep on his own and stays in his bed all night long. During the day he is a completely different child. I have my happy, respectful and loving child back. I am so glad that we worked together on this investment in my family. We will be forever grateful for Jeannine!"

Emily (mom of a 3 year old) AL

"For the first real time since I've given birth, I enjoyed being a mom."


"I want to extend a HUGE thank you for what you've been able to do for me in just three days. Ever since we started sleep training, I feel like a different person since I've given birth. Before we started sleep training, I would get very frustrated with Matthew's crying and have very little patience to deal with him.


But now with this plan you've given us, I am much more patient with Matthew. I haven't been frustrated with him, but instead I've been able to enjoy quality time with him.


For the first real time since I've given birth, I enjoyed being a mom. You are a big part of the reason why this is so. I know there will be setbacks along the way (teething, sickness, etc), but I now feel confident on how to handle these thanks to your guidance."

Anna (mom of a 3 month old) VA

"Audrey is now a super happy baby!"


"My husband and I are first time parents with no experience.  For the first 8 weeks Audrey slept on me and every time I tried to put her down for a nap in her bassinet, swing, etc she would wake up immediately and cry. Our daughter was born only 5 lb 5 oz so we thought maybe she hated to be put down because she was so small and got cold very easily. The first night my husband and I followed Kelley’s sleep plan Audrey was sleeping in her crib. Within no time she was sleeping 15-18 hours a day compared to the maybe 8-10 she was before. Also she now sleeps 12 hours at night with on average one 20 minute waking to eat. I am so glad we stuck to this plan because I can now sleep in my own bed again and spend more than 5 minutes with my husband. Audrey is now a super happy baby and that makes for happy parents!"

Kristin (mom of an 8 week old) NY

"We saw results immediately!"


"Working with Sarah at Sleepwise Consulting has been life changing! My son was 3.5 months old, and had been napping in a swing for over 2 months due to reflux - he simply would NOT nap in his crib, or on any flat immobile surface, ever. His night sleep was average - I was still feeding him late into the evening and he would sleep anywhere between 5-7 hours a night. I knew he was capable of more because of his age and because he’s a very chubby baby (17 lbs!). I go back to work in a few weeks, and was desperate to get my son on a consistent, healthy schedule before then so we could both be well rested.


Fast forward to working with Sarah - she quickly put us on a new, easy to follow schedule, and we saw results immediately. My son slept from 9:30 - 7pm on the very first night, and consistently got better and better throughout our two week plan. He’s now an independent sleeper who is able to self-soothe - sleeping nearly 12 hours every night with zero sleep props. And his naps! I’m happy to say that we have officially broken the swing down and put it in storage - my son is now taking 3 long naps per day, and my sanity is restored. This was by far the best money I’ve ever spent - my entire family is so much happier because we’re well-rested. Thank you, Sarah!"

Genevieve and JP Park (parents of a 3 month old) CA

"You took two of the biggest skeptics and turned us into firm believers of Sleep Wise"


"We are SO pleased with our results! Jonah is sleeping a million times better now! His mood has also improved tremendously now that he is getting the sleep he needs. You took two of the biggest skeptics and turned us into firm believers of Sleep Wise! We cannot thank you enough for your help-we could not have done this on our own."

Caleb and Kendyl Hammons (parents of a 12 month old) LA

"I feel like I got my LIFE BACK!"


"After doing "Eat, Play, Sleep" routines with our first child and it working so well, we knew we'd start right away with our second daughter!  Sadly, all of our "tricks" didn't work with our colicky, dairy-sensitive child and we were at our whits end!  I felt like I constantly had a child attached to me between both kids, my husband and I were arguing over the "plan" for each day and night, and the baby would scream for what seemed like ALL DAY.  We finally decided we needed someone else to be "in charge" and we could then implement a plan together.  Cue Sleep Wise.  Sarah helped us with all sorts of things related to Clara's sleep, feedings, and routines.  Clara was a 30 minute napper and was up a few times per night to be rocked or held and had a late bedtime.  Now, if Clara wakes from a nap early, she puts herself back to sleep 90% of the time.  She also sleeps 11 1/2 - 12 hours per night with a 7pm bedtime!  I feel like I got my LIFE BACK! My husband and I get time to hangout in the evenings and I am confident in Clara's sleep without worry.  She is so, so happy now!  Our entire family is so well rested and is thriving on the consistency.  We can't thank Sarah enough!"

Casey & Kevin (parents of a 3 month old) IN

"Good sleep makes her so much happier!"


"Before hiring Sarah Walden my daughter April would take very short unorganized naps.  I couldn't get her to nap in her crib, even though she loved the crib at night time for bed.  It seemed so strange to me.  I had tried following the babywise schedule from birth and felt like I had done so much right but I didn't have that schedule mastered like babywise says should happen.  I scoured Facebook and websites looking for answers on how to create this schedule for my daughter.  She needed it because she would take short naps, wake up happy for 30 minutes then get so upset screaming and crying because she was so overtired.  She needed consistent good sleep.  I knew that it would make her a happier baby.  She was also waking typically once in the middle of the night to eat.  It wasn't ideal but it was manageable.  So Sarah's plan for April was fairly simple to follow, and she gave me a 100% guarantee that it would help my daughter sleep better.  Within 3 days April already had a few successful nights sleeping through the night and naps were greatly improved.  By the end of our two weeks my 5 month old was taking 3 naps a day in her crib & sleeping through the night with very minimal wake ups if any at all.  If she did wake up she learned how to self sooth herself so I didn't even need to get up to help her out with it.  Also she was able to take naps while I was out at church or at a friends house.  I thought that she wouldn't be able to nap anywhere but her crib.  But I was wrong, the routine we used was manageable even with a change to her surroundings or her schedule.  Good sleep makes her so much happier!!! I would highly recommend Sarah and Sleep Wise Consultants.”

Lisa and Michael Riley (parents of a 5 month old) MA

"We have our bed back and it's amazing!!"


"My two youngest children, Davey (age 5) and Grace (age 7 months old) had different but equally draining, poor sleep habits. Since Grace was about 2 months old, she was up every 45 min-1 hour ALL NIGHT LONG. Grace also would only nap ON us or possibly in the car after screaming for 15-20 minutes. Because Grace also had bad eczema, I felt like I needed to co-sleep with her so that I could be there to help her through the night. I was finally at the point where I could not function during the day anymore due to being so overly tired all the time. I was hesitant to reach out for help, after all, she is my third child, I should know what I'm doing right? Wrong! All my kids are so different and I realized I needed help and fast. While we were at it, I figured we should probably cut the bad habit Davey had started about a year prior, of not being able to sleep without daddy. My husband is not good at telling Davey "no", so he was not thrilled when I made the decision to hire a sleep consultant. Kelley turned out to be the best thing for us and my husband was quickly on board once he saw the amazing results!! Ever since the FIRST NIGHT, Davey has slept in his own room all night long and with only a nightlight! We couldn't believe it!! Grace was a little tougher, however, after just a few short days, she was falling asleep on her own, only waking up 1-2 times a night, as well as sleeping in her crib for her naps. Kelley's techniques and experience made this easier than I thought and I will forever be grateful to her for helping us. We have our bed back and it's amazing!! Sleep is so important and I'm happy to be getting my Zzzz's; I would highly recommend Kelley to anyone who has children with any kind of sleep issues. Let her work her magic, you won't regret it!"

Sarah (mom of a 7 month old and 5 year old) CO

"I just want to thank Kelley for her help! She saved this mama from going insane! I saw results after day 1 and she always had a solution for any little issue we ran in to! This was worth every penny!"

Crystal (mom of a 5 month old) CA

"The Sleep Wise program was the best money we have spent on anything baby related."


"Our sleep consultant Dana was amazing. We started working with Dana when our daughter was 16 weeks old. Chloe would take short naps, wake multiple times a night, plus she was dependent on a pacifier, swaddle, rock n' play and often us holding her to sleep and back to sleep when she'd wake early.  I'd read every sleep book, I was exhausted and I just wanted someone I could talk to, to help guide me through the sleep training process.


Dana was that person and I'm so thankful. Our daughter is now able to go to sleep on her own, naps well & has slept through the night. The Sleep Wise program was the best money we have spent on anything baby related. I highly recommend Dana and Sleep Wise Consulting."

G.K. & B.K. (Parents of a 4 month old) WA

"Not only is he sleeping SO much better at night, but Sarah created us a daily nap/eating schedule that we desperately needed."


"My husband and I were skeptical when we first decided to try the 15 min free consultation. Our 5 month old son was up every hour or two every night and was getting 2 to 3 bottles during the night as well. Needless to say, we created some bad habits and we were feeling lost, hopeless and irritable.


Sarah assured us that we were not horrible parents and that she could really help us turn things around.  She delivered!  We saw results as early as night 2 through the Sleep Wise program.


Not only is he sleeping SO much better at night, but Sarah created us a daily nap/eating schedule that we desperately needed.  We had constant communication through the whole process.  She never seemed annoyed when we had questions or concerns through our time with her.


Bottom line, our family needed structure and a plan.  Working with Sarah gave us that.  Our now 6 month old is sleeping good and thriving and we feel like we have a little bit of our life back."

Kirsten & Kyle (parents of a 6 month old) IL

"I wish I had reached out earlier!"


"I always figured Blake was just a "bad sleeper" and that I would have to pat his back until he fell asleep and that he would never sleep through the night. He was 13 months old when I reached out to Jennifer and she said it's not fair to say Blake is a "bad sleeper".  While he had some good independent sleep skills already he needed to be taught how to fall asleep on his own and if he woke up in the middle of the night he needed to learn how to fall back asleep on his own. The first couple nights were tough but we stuck to it and by night 2 he wasn't getting up between 4-6am, he was sleeping 12 hours straight. Naps improved too; she helped me transition to one nap a day. I wish I had reached out earlier; would have saved me some major stress! While every night or nap isn't perfect, I have the skills and foundation now to handle it."

Ali & Matt (parents of a 13 month old) OH

"Words can't express how we appreciate you!"


"My husband and I were skeptical and pessimistic at first on this whole sleep training idea. It was just so hard to believe that our little one would sleep through the night, let alone in his crib, and take naps all by myself. Nonetheless, you made us a believer by showing us the way and making it happen!

Words can't express how we appreciate you, Dana! You have been a wonderful sleep consultant and we have gotten so far because of you.

I know that we will be tweaking his sleep schedule while he changes/grows, but you have given us the tools and knowledge we need to make our little man a good sleeper and we have no one else to thank but you. Thank you once again, Dana!"

Leslie (mom of a 4 month old) IL

"He is a much happier baby!"


"Before starting to work with Dana, our little Mason had so many sleep props in order to get any kind of sleep and would wake up 4-6 times a night. By the 3rd night in working with Dana our little one was getting in 12 hours of sleep a night! We honestly couldn't believe it! Two weeks later, Mason is now sleeping through the night and falls asleep within minutes of putting him in his crib. He is a much happier baby now that he's getting the right amount of sleep!"

Tara & Eddie (Parents of a 3 month old) IL

"We are proof that it works!"


"Our lives have changed...he sleeps through the night (till 7am which I never thought was possible) and naps are so much better. He's happier, we are happier parents and happier as a couple. Jeannine is amazing and we are so grateful for all she's done and for you as well Katie!  It's made such a profound impact on our lives - our ability to get out, make plans etc and have     babysitters at night! We were resigned to the fact that he just wasn't a good sleeper - so we are proof that it works!"

Katie (mom of a 13 month old) WI

"Now he is sleeping 12 hour nights straight, taking great naps and is so well rested!"


"Before we started working with Jeannine our son was taking short naps and waking up every two to three hours during the night. He would only go back to sleep if he was nursed again. He wouldn't sleep anywhere but his crib or the car seat. We were exhausted and tried several different thing to try and help him sleep through but nothing was working and each day got a little worse.

But now he is sleeping 12 hour nights straight, taking great naps and is so well rested. We can also create a sleep friendly environment at our families homes so that we can be away from home a little more often. My husband and I are also getting the sleep that we need in order to do more than just get through the day. The best thing we have done for our family is work with Jeannine!"

Natayla (mom of a 6 month old) UT

"Our baby was sleeping through the night by the 3rd night!"


"Our baby was an awesome sleeper until he turned 4 months old and the sleeping changes from newborn sleep to adult sleep. He couldn't get the hang of falling back asleep on his own, and we didn't know how to help him learn. We could not get him to nap longer than 30 minutes at a time, and therefore I was spending entire days fighting to get him 4-5 naps per day because he was constantly tired and needed to be rocked to sleep. We had researched some crying techniques but I'm emotional jelly so knew that whatever we decided to do we had to stick with it, or it would only get worse if I caved in the middle of the training. We heard about Sleep Wise Consulting from friends of ours who said they had unbelievable results. This was a gentle sleep training technique that, yes is difficult to hear your baby cry, but I never felt like he thought we were abandoning him, because we were always there to comfort him. This is what I was most afraid of when I heard "sleep training." Our baby was sleeping through the night by about the 3rd night. He was just under 5 months old. That wasn't even one of our goals - he was still allowed to get up two times to feed if he wanted to, but because he had the tools he needed to put himself back to sleep, he didn't even need to feed anymore in the middle of the night. We've been sleeping through the night ever since. We were able to consolidate his crazy nap schedule into three nice long naps. Kelley gave us the tools to move forward and we were able to easily transition to a two nap a day schedule when he turned 6 months old. I would (and do) recommend this to everyone who needs a little help/support teaching their baby to fall asleep on their own. Like I said, I am emotional jelly and I did it. It was hard, but I sleep, and I'm a much better/happier mother because of it. Thank you so much Kelley and Sleep Wise Consulting!"

Lisa (mom of a 4 month old) IN

"I knew I needed help and she was missing out on a critical part of her health and developmental needs without such important sleep."


"We welcomed our first daughter, Hatton, after a very long wait. We were overjoyed to finally become parents to our precious girl! I remember so clearly - during our hospital stay - hearing each nurse say “wow she is so alert. She is quite vocal.” At the time, I figured they said that to every new parent…gracious was I wrong!


By week 6, we were in the throws of colic, attempting to soothe a child who took 2 hours to go down at night and would wake every 2 to 3 hours until morning. By week 11, I knew I needed help. I did not have the time or emotional capacity to read a book on how to support a child’s healthy sleep habits, but I knew she was missing out on a critical part of her health and developmental needs without such important sleep. I witnessed the cycle of exhaustion morph into tears that contributed to physical discomfort that would ultimately keep her awake. I had no idea how to support our daughter, and I felt absolutely helpless.


When I heard the words “sleep training," I envisioned laying outside of my daughter’s room for 2 hours listening to her scream with a box of kleenex by my side. I knew that was not an option for our colicky girl. Oh what a gift to discover the methods of Sleep Wise! Jennifer was so gracious and compassionate with us from day one. She created a personalized, specific, and 100% feasible strategy for both my husband and me and instilled confidence in our abilities as parents. Eight days after our first night of implementation, Hatton slept through the night and has done so since!


The greatest gift from this wonderful process? Waking up to a rested and smiling child. We are eternally grateful for Jennifer!”

Parker & Thomas (parents of an 11 week old) NC

"I am still in awe and so very thankful that we committed to this!"


"When Leanna Mar turned ONE, I knew it was time for her to sleep in her own crib and in her own room. I was worried about how we were going to accomplish this since she was co-sleeping, nursing every 2-3 hrs during the night baby. She was also not falling asleep until 10ish every night. It was crazy. Once I started Leanna's sleep program with Jennifer, our lives changed. By the third night, my child was sleeping 12 hrs straight. I am still in awe & so very thankful that we committed to this.”

Lorna & Christopher (parents of a 12 month old) CA

"Just after a couple of days working with Kelley, we notice huge improvement with everything!"


"Working with Kelley is truly amazing and life changing for us! Before we made the call to Sleep Wise our son was waking up multiple times during the night with half the night co-sleeping and naps were a hit or miss. It became a struggle to get him to sleep, stay asleep and even eat consistently. Just after a couple of days working with Kelley we notice huge improvement with everything! Our son has continually been sleeping through the night, naps great (too great!) and eats like a champ with no fuss. He goes down to sleep happy and wakes up happy, which was our goal when we first started! Thank you so much!!"

Kimberly (mom of a 11 month old) WA

"Our entire family is happier and we ALL sleep at night!"


"Jennifer Loney was a God-sent helping our third born sleep WELL! We began his sleep training right after the newborn stage, at 4 months. Starting early made the biggest difference. Our son was waking up 4-6 times a night and his naps were sporadic. As a newborn, he didn’t want to miss any of the action, and would keep himself awake for over two hours at a time during the day, which was too long for an infant. My husband travels often and after coming home from a long trip, I approached him with having a sleep therapist. After one day home with lots of crying, and this being our third child, he said, “Pay her!”

Our success with sleep training was almost immediate. The first night and first full day was rough, but the second night, our son slept for 10 hours straight. The third night, he slept for 12 hours, and the fourth night, he dropped his night feeds. After that point, he was sleeping consistently through the night AND taking three naps a day averaging between 1.25 hours-2 hours PER nap. The success blew our minds! I almost feel like I am bragging by saying this, but we really are a much happier and a very well rested family. It feels amazing to say that we have a 4 month old that sleeps all through the night! We remain disciplined and orchestrate our schedules around their sleep schedules to ensure for happy and well rested kids. It has been so worth the added discipline to teach them great sleep habits early on. Now, in the evenings, my husband and I KNOW, our children will be sleeping for 12 hours that night for us to enjoy much needed alone time together!

Jennifer was calm, patient, and has a true passion for teaching children how to sleep well. She had so much empathy when I was overwhelmed and frustrated, and reassured me every step of the way. Never once did my husband or I feel alone in this process. We were coached so well, it’s as if she was in our home with us. We have a young toddler and we already plan on having her guide us to transitioning him to a big boy bed soon. We have also already said this will be the FIRST purchase we make for future children! If you’re thinking about this still, STOP! The sooner you sign up, the sooner you will sleep! Best money we EVER spent!”


Jessica & Thomas (parents of a 3 month old) CO

"I took to the internet for advice on how to best navigate sleep challenges...but that left me feeling frustrated because I found conflicting advice."


"As a first time Mom with no other experience with babies, I'm learning so much as I go. My baby girl would sometimes sleep okay but often wouldn't and there was no predictable timing to her sleeping. I wanted some consistency for her health and also for my sanity. I wanted to have a more predictable schedule so that I could plan things around her naps and not have appointments scheduled when she was tired and needed to be sleeping. I also wanted to stop early morning or middle of the night wakings. I took to the internet for advice on how to best navigate sleep challenges and to help my baby get the best rest she could.  But that left me feeling frustrated because I found conflicting advice. I wanted my baby to receive the most love and nurturing I could give her but I also didn't want to create bad habits that would cause more problems in the future. So I found myself feeling lost and stressed out whenever my baby wasn't sleeping as she should be and didn't know what I should do. I decided to hire Jennifer as a sleep consultant so that I could have an expert tell me exactly what to do (and what not to do). I loved that I got to work with Jennifer for two weeks so I could ask her tons of questions along the way as things came up. All her advice has worked because now when I put my baby down for a nap, I know what time she will be going down for a nap and I know how long she will sleep. And she wakes up in a good mood. At night she's sleeping 12 hours so I have quality time with my husband before bed and all three of us are getting uninterrupted sleep. I feel relieved to be educated on what the right way is to help my baby sleep well. Thank you for that peace of mind, Jennifer!"

Rayleigh (mom of a 4 month old) OR

"My husband and I have time at night together again!"


"We were in such a horrible place before we contacted Kelley from Sleep Wise.   Remy would only take naps in the carrier and was impossible to put to bed. He was waking 2-3 times a night and then would just stay awake forever. Sometimes we were wrapping him in the middle of the night!  No one was sleeping and my husband and I were arguing all the time. I was missing out on one on one time with my toddler that he desperately needed with a new baby around. Remy was only 9 weeks but I knew this was the time to sleep train. My toddler was so easy to sleep train and I had no idea where to even start with Remy.  He was such a different child and I had zero discipline with a toddler around. I opted for the quick fix and created bad habits. Enter Kelley!!!  Wow. I cannot say enough praise for her and what she did for my family. Remy sleeps from 7-7 and takes 3 solid naps in his crib, not on me!! No swaddle. No paci (and he was addicted). Self soothes!  My husband and I have time at night together again. I get to spend time with my toddler while Remy naps.  She took on every problem with Remy with such ease and confidence which gave me confidence. She encouraged me to have the discipline to stick to it and not take the easy road. Seriously I tell every mom I know about our success story because getting sleep when sleep deprived is the best thing on the planet!!  I cannot thank Kelley enough for what she has done for me and my family."

Beth (mom of a 9 week old) FL

"We could not be happier with the results!"


"There are not enough words to express how wonderful Dana was throughout our sleep training. This was the second time that my husband and I hired Sleep Wise and we, once again, could not be happier with the results. Dana was absolutely AMAZING to work with. She gave us the confidence that we could make this work. In the middle of our time together we had to transition Carter to a toddler bed and she made the process so much easier. She will forever be one of our favorite people!"

Erinne & Ron (parents of a 2.5 year old) IL

"I would call her all over in a heartbeat!"


"Annabelle is quite the character!  She knows what she wants and she wants it now.  She's an opinionated free spirit with a love for life.  So to spare you the book, I will give you a highlevel of what our sweet Annabelle has been through.  Annabelle was born with a syndrome called Pfieffers Syndrome, but unfortunately we didn't find out until she was about 18mo.  So what did this mean for Annabelle?  This meant she had tight airways, snored from day one, and work up every hour at night as an infant.  Finally when she was 13 months old it was discovered that she had sleep apnea that had been causing her not to sleep, and therefore not grow like she should have been.  Shortly after it was discovered they removed her tonsils and adenoids and whaala! She started sleeping so well and started growing!!  Fast forward to 16mo... we move from Las Vegas to Nevada, but to make things interesting we take a week vacation in Colorado.  With some consistency and determination we were able to get her to sleep through most of the night again.  At 18 months (when we discovered her Pfieffers Syndrom), it was determined that the syndrome had not only caused the tight airways, but Craniosynistosis which is the early fusion of the plates in her head.  She had a minor surgery in Jan to relieve pressure on the brain, tubes placed in her ears in March, she was in the ICU for RSV for 4 days in April, and on June 1st she had a major surgery where they removed pieces of skull to make room for her brain.  This last surgery kept us in the hospital for 6 days and kept mom by her side 24/7.


Needless to say when we got home a normal sleep pattern was out the window. No matter what we tried she fought us tooth and nail.  We tried laying with her, but she just played and when she finally did fall asleep and we tried to leave her room, she would wake up.  I spent 3 hours rubbing her back one night.  This went on for a few weeks until we finally threw in the towel.  Everyone was tired and cranky and we needed help. Jennifer gave met with us and gave us the sleep routine and rules, and we were all super excited! Even Annabelle was excited about her sleep chart.  After about a week, and Annabelle finally realizing we meant what we said, she slept through the night!!  She still tries to test us every once in a while, but we stick to our guns and she knows the rules and goes back to bed.  I couldn't be happier with Jennifer and everything she helped our family with.  I would call her all over again in a heartbeat!"

Deanna (mom of a 2 year old) TX

"She is overall a happier baby!"


"When my husband and I initially tried transitioning our daughter into her crib we thought we were doomed. Our child would only nurse to sleep, napped only when in someone's arms and refused to sleep in her crib. I was referred to Jennifer by a friend and initially thought, I'm her parent I should just know what to do. Well, hiring Jennifer was the best thing we could have done for our girl! Not only is she now sleeping through the night after two weeks, but she naps consistently in her crib and is overall a happier baby because of the good quality sleep she gets now! Jennifer takes you step by step and explains what you're doing and why.  It wasn't always easy but it has been well worth it. Jennifer is beyond supportive and has been a blessing to our family!"

Kerri Ann (mom of a 5 month old) NY

"We couldn't be happier!"


"We've been struggling with having consistent good sleep since Marley was 2. She was great until she figured out how to climb out of her crib and then things went downhill from there. She climbed out at 18 months and we were able to get her to stay in a pack n play until she reached 2 but then she climbed out of that as well. Once we transitioned to the toddler bed everything changed. Naps were a struggle as was bedtime. It was very hard to get her to relax and stay in her toddler bed. We ended up rocking our 2 year old to sleep!! We were not even doing that when she was a baby! Eventually we got away from that on our own but we did need to lay with her and then night wakings started and so did early wakings! She was either waking and coming in our room on her own, or waking up crying. And then early wakings came in as well, anywhere from 5am - 615am. Naps went out the door at 3 years but then she started falling asleep almost daily this summer due to early wakings.


Finally we decided to call Sarah and with her guidance we went from laying with her to fall asleep, her coming in our bed almost every night and waking at 530am to now falling asleep on her own, sleeping all night and waking no earlier than 6:15am. We are hoping to make it consistent to at least 6:30am but we are so happy to even be where we are now! We did all of this without our daughter shedding a tear. It was such a great process. We just got back from vacation and she did amazing there too! We couldn't be happier!"

Casey (mom of a 4 year old) NY

"She helped us put all of the pieces into place"


"We are so happy to have worked with Sarah. We knew our little girl had the potential to self soothe but we didn't know how to get her there. We were rocking her to sleep for naps and she was screaming until she passed out, just to wake up after 30-40 minutes. She was also starting to have night wakings due to the 4 month sleep regression. We knew it had to change so we contacted Sarah. She helped us put all the pieces into place to help our little girl fall asleep on her own for naps and bedtime. She helped me feel confident enough to let my baby girl self soothe. Now she falls asleep on her own for her naps and sleeps anywhere from 1-2 hours for her naps and at night she sleeps 12 hours and wakes up happy and refreshed. I fully recommend working with Sarah for any sleep issues you may be having. "

Meaghan (mom of a 4 month old) CA

"We even skipped the 4 month sleep regression!"


"We contacted Kelley from Sleep Wise Consulting when our second little peanut was 13 weeks.  Our first baby did so well on a babywise schedule, we thought it would be the same with our second.  He had a bit of reflux at the beginning and only slept on me at night and held during the day.   We also started a big remodel on our house and so he slept in the pack and play next to me in the living room at my parents while my husband and my toddler slept on the guest room.   It finally got rough when I had to go back to work and he was still waking up every hour after 4am and only gave us 30 min naps.    After talking to Kelly he started sleeping 1.5 hours and even before we officially started our plan, he slept all night with only a few tips from her.   I only wish we would have started sooner, because our entire household slept and was happier, I even had more time to spend with my toddler.  It was by far the best money we've ever spent on anything.   He is now 25 weeks and he sleeps like a champ.  We also have a schedule going forward that I've been able to use when he seems to need a schedule change, we even skipped the 4 month sleep regression and have sailed smoothly through leaps and growth spurts.   I cannot thank the Sleep Wise team enough."

Alejandra (mom of a 3 month old) FL

"The only thing we regret was that we didn't turn to her sooner."


"We turned to Dana for help after 7 months of waking every 2-3 hours every night. My husband and I were experiencing emotional strain, and our boy was very obviously not getting the sleep he needed! During our consultation, Dana was very polite, professional, and straightforward with her goals for Jameson's sleep. We were in shock to hear how much sleep he was missing out on and, to be honest, nervous to start. Dana talked us through the two weeks; she was our motivator to continue and see it through. By night three we had a sleeping, happier baby boy. We cannot thank Dana enough for all of her guidance and support. The only thing we regret was that we didn't turn to her sooner. Thank you, Dana!"

Emily & Adam (parents of a 7 month old) IL

"We are thrilled that we reached out to Kelley!"


"My husband and I were hesitant to ask for sleep help with our one year old. He was such a good sleeper in the beginning and we thought we could get him sleeping through the night on our own. After several months of trying on our own we finally contacted Kelley.  After our son started sleeping through the night after just a few days of working with her our only regret was not asking for help sooner! Kelley was very patient with us and kindly answered the many questions we had. She wasn't judgmental and always had our son's best interest in mind. Our son is now on a schedule, has more energy when he is awake, and seems happier! He no longer needs to be rocked or held to fall asleep.  He takes a nap each day and goes to sleep all on his own after his new bedtime routine. We are thrilled that we reached out to Kelley and we are so thankful that we have some time for ourselves in the evenings again."

Sara (mom of a 13 month old) IA

"I'm so glad we trusted Sarah and the team because the end result is a happy sleeping baby and an overall happier household."


"Grayson was giving us fits from 7 pm to midnight every night. It was a vicious cycle of feeding, sleep for 30 minutes, wake up and cry and repeat, for hours! Once he finally settled, he was still waking every 3-4 hours to eat during the night. With two other small children in the house, we were mentally and physically exhausted and battling anxiety as bedtime hours approached each night. Before starting, Grayson was sleeping solely in his swing, swaddled. I am happy to say now at 15 weeks old, he sleeps solely in his crib with no swaddle or paci. He goes down wide awake and puts himself to sleep within minutes. For the last 1-2 weeks, he has slept 12 hour stretches at night, and we have to wake him most mornings. Sarah was there every step of the way to answer our questions, calm our nerves and guide us through the motions. It really is amazing to look back and see how much progress he made in such short time. I'm so glad we trusted Sarah and the team because the end result is a happy sleeping baby and an overall happier household."

Whitney & Lee Southwell (parents of a 15 week old) MS

"I am now a member of the human race again!"


"We are so deeply grateful for your help, Dana. I am now a member of the human race again. I can't even describe what a difference this sleep training has made in our quality of life. And Yusef seems so much happier too. Thank you so much, Dana!"

Rubina (mom of an 8 month old) VA

"We never thought it was possible for her to sleep through the night...especially 12 hours, but four nights in she was doing it all on her own!  Thank you Jennifer!"

Raquel & John (parents of an 18 month old) VA

"Atlas slept through the night on night two!"


"We were referred to Sleep Wise Consulting by a friend. We thought that after 4 months of waking up 1-3 times a night, an uninterrupted night's sleep sounded too good to be true. It wasn't! Atlas slept through the night on night two and now consistently sleeps through the night without any night wakings. His naps are longer and we actually have a routine that we can plan our day around. Jennifer was so patient and encouraging that by the end of the two weeks, she felt like part of our family. We could not be more grateful for getting our sleep back. We are all happier and healthier because of it. Thank you Jennifer and Sleep Wise!”

Lynn & Dave (parents of a 5 month old) VA

"I'm one happy mama!"


"Before starting with Kelley my 12 week old had a pacifier that I was having to insert numerous times during naps and during the middle of the night. She had to be held to fall asleep and most naps I was holding her until she was asleep and when she woke up early holding for the rest of the entire nap. My life was trying to get her to sleep. Her naps were short and she never went to sleep on her own. She was waking once a night to feed which I was okay with. Kelley helped my family and I in so many ways in just a few short weeks. I still can't even believe that she sleeps 12 hrs at night now. Most days I have to wake her. We took the pacifier away, unswaddled her and she has learned to put herself to sleep on her own. No more holding her for hours for a nap. She loves going in her crib and does not cry at all. This is a dream come true. All of the people in my life can't believe it!! I can't thank Kelley enough for what she has given my family. I only wish I had called 3 years ago for my 3 year old. I did not think that I was going to be able to do this but I trusted Kelley and did everything she told me and I have the happiest baby ever!! I'm one happy mama too!"

Annie (mom of a 3 month old) NY

"He is a completely new baby!"


"We started with Sleep Wise & Jeannine when my son was 10 weeks old. At this point we were taking nightly shifts between me and my husband to hold the baby while he sleeps in our arms.  He refused the dockatot, bassinet, swing etc. So for 10 weeks we were zombies.  This is baby # 2 and we also used the sleep consultants for our 2 year old daughter at 4 months old.  Anyway, he was nursing every 2 hours through the night too and I was
exhausted.  I couldn't get him on a schedule between the gas/colic, reflux etc.  We decided to work with Jeannine at 10 weeks after our 15 min consultation.  I struggled to start so early but it soon became the best thing for our family.  He was successfully sleeping through the night within a few days.  We now put him down and he goes to sleep by self soothing.  It relieved a lot of stress because I wasn't able to spend time with him to put him down for naps as I have to tend to my 2 year old.  Now I am able to lay him down and he goes to sleep without any props.  It's such a relief to be able to know what is wrong with my baby now since he is on a schedule. He is a completely new baby.  Nolan is always smiling and laughing and happy when before he was always fussy.  He needed sleep!   I chose Jeannine because I knew she had been in a similar situation with a similar age gap in our children.  She was awesome and gave me peace of mind time and time again through our training."

Sarah (mom of a 10 week old) CA

"This decision was the best money ever spent!"


"Thank you Jeannine for all the sleep our family has gained since working with you! Before Jeannine, our 10 week old was sleeping  4-6 hour stretches at night and napping 30 minutes at a time. We had to hold the pacifier in her mouth to get her to sleep for naps and usually had to hold her to fall back asleep once she woke from her naps.  I knew that our baby was capable of sleeping much better and since hearing many success stories about Jeannine and the ladies at Sleep Wise Consulting, I decided to purchase package. This decision was the best money ever spent! By night TWO, our baby was sleeping through the night! Jeannine was with us every step of the way and helped us remove the pacifier, dock a tot, and eventually swaddle. Our baby now is able to go to sleep on her own, in her crib, and soothe herself back to sleep if she wakes early from a nap. We are so pleased with how much she has accomplished in the 3 weeks during her sleep plan and are so thankful Jeannine gave us the tools to give her the gift of healthy sleep."

Jackie (mom of a 10 week old) TX

"Our family is so grateful to have three children that are great sleepers - thanks to Katie!"


"We are so happy we chose to use Katie to help our twins learn how to sleep from the start.  We used Katie with our older son, and it was amazing how she got him sleeping through the night, so we trusted she would help us with our twins.  I was so scared that I would never sleep again because of the horror stories I had heard about twins.  Before they were born she told us what to do to help them learn to be great sleepers on their own, and they are!  They take good naps through out the day, and are great sleepers at night.  With Katie's help, we had two babies sleeping through the night around 11 weeks!  We could not have done this without Katie's help!!!  Our family is so grateful to have three children that are great sleepers - thanks to Katie!"

Chasidy (mom of newborn twins) TX

"Kelley helped us not only with sleep, but also with nutrition, play time activities, and tips for car naps and vacation."


"Before working with Kelley, my little boy was all over the place with naps- some were 30 minutes and some were 3 hours. He was still waking once or twice at night and the second time I would have to feed him to get him to go back to sleep. Fast forward 2 short weeks and my little boy takes two long naps every day and is sleeping all night. I get a lot of "you have such a happy baby!" comments now! Kelley helped us not only with sleep, but also with nutrition, play time activities and tips for car naps and vacation. She was a pleasure to work with and I can't say enough good things about her. I even overheard my husband, the skeptic, telling a friend that getting a sleep consultant was well worth the money.  Thank you, Kelley!"

Amanda (mom of a 7 month old) MS

"I highly recommend Sleep Wise to any parent who is tired of struggling with their babies sleep issues alone!"


"Before Kelley, Riley was waking up 2-3 times every single night (sometimes for hours!), we were constantly playing the pacifier game and naps were never longer than 30 minutes.


After Kelley, Riley was consistently sleeping 8 hours straight and, for the first time since he was born, slept all through the night (12 hours!) and naps have consistently improved.


I highly recommend Sleep Wise to any parent who is tired of struggling with their babies sleep issues alone. These gals will make your life easier and help your little ones get the rest they deserve (and you too!)"

Heather (mom of a 4.5 month old) TX

"Jennifer was so incredibly sweet, patient, and easy to work with!!"


"Working with Jennifer was life changing! My baby was just about 7 months and getting him to nap was a struggle! I would fight for hours to get him to nap for barely 20 minutes. I was also in a terrible routine of nursing him to sleep. As soon as I laid him in his crib he would cry and melt down. I was at the end of my rope! I cannot say enough great things about my experience with Sleep Wise Consulting! Jennifer was so incredibly sweet, patient, and easy to work with!! Within two weeks she had my baby napping on a schedule and sleeping through the night. I am now able to lay my baby down wide awake and he falls asleep completely on his own within 5 minutes! The difference is night and day! We no longer deal with overly-tired melt downs. Having a predictable schedule has been the best thing I could do, for not only my baby, but the rest of my family as well! I highly recommend Jennifer to all my friends who are experiencing sleeping trouble with their little ones!"

Brynn (mom of a 7 month old) CA

"I literally feel like a new mom and a better wife!"


"We started Babywise from day one.  We read the book while I was pregnant because a few people recommended it to us.  The first weeks were draining, but that is newborn life right?  My daughter, Savannah, did well with eat, wake, sleep.  Putting her to sleep was the biggest challenge, but she was still new, so I didn’t stress too much.  I had to hold her to get her to sleep, but then the holding started to take longer and longer each day (at least an hour), and the second I put her down, she was miraculously wide awake.  I knew holding her to go to sleep was a sleep prop.  Every week, I felt like we had to add a new prop so she would go to sleep.  First the pacifier, then we needed to cover her eyes with the burp cloth, then butt pats.  I knew we were heading down a bad road.  At this point Savannah was only waking twice at night, then once, so I felt like other than taking forever to put her to sleep, we were doing okay.  Then eleven weeks hit……I felt like it was the four month sleep regression that reared it’s ugly head early.


At eleven weeks, night wakings increased.  First two wakings, then three or four.  And let me remind you that each time she woke up, it would take at least an hour of holding to get her back to sleep. Then I hit rock bottom.  I got to the point from about 4 am on I would just hold her the rest of the night.  At one point, I would let her sleep on my chest in her recliner until DWT. She began waking early from naps, so I would hold her the remainder of the naps to make it to the next clock time on my three hour schedule.


I was getting little sleep, and little done at home.  I was exhausted and cried a lot.  A lot!!!!! And all because I couldn’t figure out her sleep (not to mention breastfeeding is hard too with a dairy free baby).  Why wasn’t Babywise working for me?  I was doing everything the book suggested.  I asked advice daily, tried everything people suggested, and it just wasn’t working.  I wanted to throw in the towel.  Maybe Babywise wasn’t for us.  I even had to unfollow all Babywise groups on Facebook because I was OBSESSING over sleep and it was driving me insane.


I finally convinced my husband that we needed to call Sleep Wise Consulting.  At least for the free 15 minutes, what was there to lose.  I had read so many of the mothers who worked with them had so much success.  I knew it was an investment, but I also knew we needed help.  So we called and I am so very thankful we did.


We worked with Kelley.  She spent so much time getting to know Savannah and our family.  She gave us strategies and tips, and a schedule just for Savannah.  She answered my billion questions daily.  I am not going to lie and say it was a simple fix.  It took work, but I was willing to do anything to get my little one sleeping.  Our main goal was to develop independent sleep skills and get night sleep better.  If we could improve naps, that was a bonus.  On night two or three, Savannah was already sleeping through the night!!!!  That was way higher than our expectations, and I couldn’t believe this was my child.  She was falling asleep at naps and bedtime all on her own.  No more holding for an hour each time she slept.  It was glorious.  I literally feel like a new mom, and a better wife!  It has been over three weeks since we started working with Kelley, and other than one or two MOTN wakings during the first week, we have a baby that STTN every single night, naps are awesome (no more 45 minute intruder), and she can put herself to sleep all on her own without any sleep props.  I feel like it was months ago since we worked with Kelley because I feel so rested.  I call Kelley a miracle worker because she would help me make small changes to ensure Savannah was getting exactly the amount of sleep she needed.  I will be forever grateful for her."

April (mom of a 3 month old) AZ

"The day after our plan started with Kelley, I had seen a complete change in both of them!  They are just HAPPY...all the time!"


"I wasn’t sure hiring a sleep consultant with a full plan was the option for us. They knew how to put themselves back to sleep, had good sleeping habits, etc. I just knew I could do it on my own… Well, after weeks of trying to tweak our schedule I decided maybe it wasn’t going to be as “easy” as I thought. The day after our plan started with Kelley, I had seen a complete change in both of them. They were usually happy most of the time, but even just changing the bedtime routine, they are just HAPPY! All the time! No more crying while we get dressed at night..  it’s the little things! Their whole demeanor has changed. We are now on a consistent 2 nap schedule & I am confident to make changes in the future on my own. So thankful for that!"

Melina (mom of 6 month old twins) TX

"I knew the first couple of nights were not going to be easy...however they almost were!"


"Before I made the decision that I needed help sleep training my daughter I dreaded night. I would have to go lay down and nurse my daughter to sleep at 7pm and continue nursing every couple hours throughout the night. Then I ended up having to stay there the rest of the evening because if I left she woke up, which was really taking a toll on the quality time I needed with my husband. My daughter was grouchy and always tired because she never got a good nights sleep! Naps were just as bad I rocked and nursed her and anyone else had to rock, walk, bounce everything to get her to sleep and you couldn't set her down. After finally choosing to go ahead and contact Katie to help me, I knew the first couple of nights were not going to be easy.. however they almost were! It went way easier than I thought and my daughter is rocking it. She ended up sick at the end of our 2 weeks which made it harder but she is back on track. I couldn't have done it on my own and we are so thankful to finally have lives and a well rested baby! Thanks Katie!"

Caitie (mom of a 8 month old) OR

"Following Dana's plan, he slept 12 hours by night 2!"


"Before Dana, Callum was waking up multiple times a night and up for the day at the crack of dawn! I was an exhausted zombie. When I was told that Callum is capable of sleeping 12 hrs a night with no feedings I was skeptical. His sister, who's 3 never slept that long and he was waking up so much it didn't even seem possible. Following Dana's plan he slept 12 hours by night 2. Amazing!!!! I thought I would just have accept that Callum would always wake up but now that's he's well-rested he's happier, healthier and thriving!


Dana was a pleasure to work with. She's a very kind and encouraging person. She truly dedicated herself and gave it her all when it came to improving Callum's sleep. Thank you Dana!!!! You're a lifesaver!"

Jessie (mom of a 9 month old) IL

"On night 3 of working with Dana, he was sleeping through the night consistently!"


"Dana helped us to realize my son’s amazing sleep potential! When we started working with her, he was 6 months old and was waking 1-3 times a night and needed to nurse back to sleep. He was addicted to his swing for naps and if you tried to put him down in his crib, he would cry and only sleep 40-50 minutes.


Our goals were for him to sleep through the night and to improve naps. On night 3 of working with Dana, he was sleeping through the night consistently! By the end of our two weeks, he had become a napping pro in his crib. Dana gave us the tools needed to meet our goals!


It’s been two months since we worked with her, and we are still applying these tools whenever something affects his sleep (i.e. learning to crawl, teething, leaps.) We use what we’ve learned and are back on track within 1-2 nights!


His improved sleep has made my happy boy even happier. He loves to explore and learn new things and I am so happy that we made this investment in our son. Of course, my husband and I are benefiting from his great sleep habits as well. We no longer go to bed afraid to fall into too deep of a sleep knowing that there could be a crying baby to answer to at any moment.


Throughout the entire process Dana was incredible! She took the time to explain every step thoroughly, to answer all of our questions and most importantly to give us the encouragement we needed to help him reach his sleep potential! We are so thankful for her!"

Janel (mom of a 6 month old) WI


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