A Few Words About Allison – Lynbrook, NY

Hi there! My name is Allison Ambort-Gubelli. I am a Certified Pediatric Sleep Consultant and proud member of the Sleep Wise Consulting Team.

Born and raised on Long Island, New York, I am the wife of a New York City Fireman and mother to a sweet little girl, Grace Dorothea. I am also a licensed and registered Occupational Therapist with experience in pediatric in-patient, out-patient and school-based settings. In August 2015, I decided to leave clinical practice and pursue my PhD in Rehabilitation and Movement Science at Stony Brook University. After completing my first semester of the program I got married (in Blizzard Jonas) on January 23rd 2016, and at the end of my second semester, discovered that I was pregnant with our little nugget.

When Grace joined our family in December 2016, we assumed full nights of sleep were only in our past. Three months into the adventures of parenting, my husband and I began to read books that promised to get our baby girl sleeping through the night. My once serene experience of motherhood was suddenly disturbed and I became anxious and unsettled with feelings of failure when Grace continued to wake every 2-3 hours during the night. We realized we needed a bit of extra support that no book could offer and reached out to Sleep Wise Consulting. Within days of implementing Grace’s plan, she was sleeping like a champ and I could not wait to help other families in need of a good night’s sleep.

My goal as an Occupational Therapist has always been to help the children and families I serve to do the things they want and need to do in everyday life despite whatever challenges are in their way. Before our experience with Sleep Wise, I never imagined I would become a sleep consultant, let alone truly understand the positive impact a one could have. After our experience, I cannot imagine a more fulfilling undertaking and look forward to serving your family as you journey to restful and restorative sleep.  To contact me, click here to book a free 15 minute evaluation call or send me an e-mail (allisonsleepwiseconsulting.com).

With gratitude,

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Private Consultations & Services


Prenatal/Postnatal Consultations

This package is a perfect way to give your little one a head start on learning great sleep skills. This package is appropriate for babies up to 6 weeks old.


Consultations for Newborns

This package is specifically designed for babies 2-3 months old and is based on no-cry sleep solutions.


Consultations for Children 3 Months to 2 Years of Age

This package is specifically designed for babies who need a little help adjusting their daytime and nighttime sleep patterns.


Consultations for Children 2 - 10 Years of Age

It is not too late to help your toddler, preschooler, or elementary-aged child learn new independent sleep habits.


Consultations for Twins

Double the fun, double the love, and double the sleep challenges!