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Kate Cross

Adelaide, Australia

Hi there, I’m Kate and I’m a Certified Sleep Consultant with Sleep Wise Consulting. I’m also the first international Certified Sleep Consultant for Sleep Wise Consulting! I live in Adelaide, Australia with my husband Nic and our son Thomas.

Kate’s story

My education prior to Sleep Wise includes a Bachelor of Urban and Regional Planning and a Graduate Certificate in Project Management.

Over the past 10 years I’ve been dedicated to assisting those who need it most through working with large organizations and government departments advocating to achieve balance within our communities.  My husband is a Registered Nurse who works for a large metropolitan hospital and I’m currently at home looking after our son. We were married in 2015 and were very excited to find our we were pregnant with our first child 2 years later.

Being the prepared types of people, we are, we read parenting books and undertook courses to help us have the best understanding of this new journey. Our beautiful son arrived just before Christmas in 2017 and we were thrilled. Whilst there was a lot to learn we felt confident to implement the knowledge we had gained during my pregnancy.

However, time passed, and our son seemed to not only stop progressing but started regressing.

He was also was constantly waking after 45 minutes or less during daytime naps.  Having had a number of friends and family struggle with sleep issues, we decided to be proactive before the weight of not having enough sleep caught up on us. Just before our son turned 3 months old my husband and I reached out to Sleep Wise. After speaking to our Consultant and implementing our Sleep Plan our son started sleeping 11-13 hours overnight within two days, and just few weeks later with some persistence, his daytime naps stretched to over an hour too. The stability of our son getting the sleep he requires has also assisted him to have happier days and to be able to learn and explore the world to his full potential. Reaching out to Sleep Wise is something that we are so happy we did as it provided a beautiful balance for our family between time to learn, play and rest.

As a Consultant I’m here to help you achieve the same balance our family has.

As a Certified Sleep Consultant, I’ve received a significant amount of training and can help you to improve the naps, early morning waking’s and overnight sleep for your child. Each family has unique values, goals and ideals and I will listen to your family’s needs and work with you to create a personalized Sleep Plan to fit your family and will stick with you until your goals are achieved.


I believe that all children and parents need to be well rested to be the best people they can be and to live each day to the fullest.


I encourage you to start now, before the burden of little sleep catches you, as having a well-rested child is a reality that you can share in too.

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