Is My Baby Sleeping Too Much? Is there ever a time when your baby is sleeping too much? I know that might sound crazy especially if you've had months or even years of broken sleep! Believe it or not, a baby can actually sleep too much. The truth of the
Why We're Sleep Training and How You Can Help Not every child needs help getting a good night’s sleep. Some babies are naturally great sleepers right from the start. They go down happily at bedtime and only wake up when they’re hungry, or even sleep straight through the night from
As a professional sleep consultant, I hear the term “regression” used in regard to just about every imaginable circumstance. Essentially, if baby doesn’t sleep well for a couple of nights, parents start dropping the ‘R’ word. Some people subscribe to the idea that there’s an eight month regression, a 9
It’s important to determine whether your child is having a nightmare or a night terror. Night terrors are different from nightmares in both symptoms and experience. Nightmares are fairly common in children ages 2-4. This is the age when normal fears develop and imaginations expand. Children this age often have
Most of us consider snoring just a normal part of life. Maybe we have a partner who snores, or a grandpa who falls asleep in his easy chair and snores so loud it's hard to carry on a conversation in the room. We think of it as a common condition,
I am thrilled for the opportunity to feature Jenilyn Gilbert in our March newsletter! Jenilyn is an author and licensed clinical social worker. Her company, One Way or A Mother, focuses on serving clients who are struggling in the fields of fertility and/or adoption.  ( On the tails of the winter Olympics, Jenilyn often compares herself to a coach of an Olympic athlete. Olympians need
Today's question comes from Heather. She writes: "My 10 month old does not take good naps at the babysitter's three times a week and is super crabby by the time six o'clock rolls around. Should I just put him down early or should I wait for his normal bedtime?" That's
It's not always obvious when a child is getting tired. Here's how to recognize "sleep signs" so you can get your child to bed BEFORE she becomes overtired! The following question is from Trish, who wrote: Q: "Help! Why can't I recognize my three-month-old's sleep signs? No yawing, no eye
To Travel or Not? With the holidays approaching, many parents who have recently gotten their babies sleeping on a schedule are worried that they might regress a little over the holidays. And I can assure you, those fears could not be more well-founded. Between the travel, the excitement, the constant