Every week I get dozens of questions about short naps and early morning wakings.  My first piece of advice is always the same: Darken your baby’s room! As an adult, when we wake around 5:30 a.m. because a little sunlight is sneaking into our room, we can take a look at
Our question this month comes from Tammy (an avid Sleep Wise Consulting follower). She writes: Q: "My in-laws are coming to visit for a week and are under the impression that babies will sleep through anything and that they just need to "get used to" the noise. What are your thoughts on
Is Sleep Training a Mistake?   Wish you could try sleep training your baby...but afraid because of the things you've heard about it? The truth is that gentle sleep training is possible and having a baby sleep at night is not the stuff of legends. Check out these 3 myths
Believe it or not, this is a question I often asked my first son when he was an infant. I asked it in a sweet voice. I asked it in a pleading voice. I asked it in an angry voice, but no matter how many times I asked, he never gave me
I am often asked, “Is a swaddle a prop? Is it useful? Where do you stand on a swaddle?” Swaddling a newborn can be an excellent tool. It mimics the feeling of confinement that they experienced in the womb. It can be very comforting to a lot of newborns.  The
1. Having your children fall asleep before putting them to bed. I was speaking with a dad the other day and he shared how he loved feeding his daughter a bottle and having her fall asleep in his arms. I get it – it really is a wonderful feeling but this
For overtired parents who can’t seem to get their kids on a healthy sleep schedule, the promise of a magic pill can be pretty enticing. But it seems to me that more and more doctors and parents are turning to melatonin as a Band-Aid for sleep issues with their children.
One Simple Trick To An Easier Bedtime Imagine standing in the middle of your favorite store (Target? TJ Maxx? Williams & Sonoma?) and being that you need to close your eyes and go to sleep. Just like that; no looking around, no covetous touching of the beautiful purses or candles
The #1 Mistake Most Parents Make at Bedtime (That You Don't Have To!) If you've ever headed off to Dr. Google (or even your real life pediatrician!) with the complaint "My child won't sleep!" then you've most likely been introduced to the idea of a baby bedtime routine. However, not