A Few Words About Megan Kumpf – Ellicott City, MD

Hi Everyone! My name is Megan Kumpf, and I am privileged to be a Certified Pediatric Sleep Consultant with Sleep Wise Consulting. I have a background in Early Childhood Education as well as many years working with families as a private nanny.

Our little family just moved back to our home state of Maryland, after living in Washington state for the past 5 years. I am a stay at home mom to our two little boys Hudson and Connor. Our family loves to explore the outdoors, eat good food and most of all enjoy great sleep.

Before, I had my own boys I had the blessing of working with the children I nannied for on their sleep skills. Since my nanny and teaching days I learned quickly that babies and toddlers are most happy when they have some sort of routine and get enough sleep – I mean aren’t we all? When I became a mom, I was so excited to put all this sleep knowledge I had read about to work from the very beginning. I absolutely love reading about sleep routines and learning as much as possible. Quality sleep quickly became a passion of mine that I was excited to share.

My first son, Hudson was born a good sleeper, from a young age he just caught on and I didn’t have to work very hard to have him sleep well. I thought I had this sleep thing figured out! However, my second son Connor came along and showed me very clearly I didn’t know everything. He was just not a naturally good sleeper. I had to work a little harder, read a little more, and trouble shoot his sleeping patterns. With amazing help from Sleep Wise he became the great sleeper I knew he could be. I’ve learned not every baby fits into one sleep mold or sleep plan and that is ok! I’m here to learn all about your child’s individual needs.

I would love to come alongside you in your parenting journey and give your family the restful sleep you’ve been dreaming of. I will be there to cheer you on so you can achieve your sleep goals and enjoy well-rested, happy family time. I’m ready to get started when you are! Please don’t hesitate to send me an email megansleepwiseconsutling.com to set up a FREE 15 minute consultation. I look forward to speaking with you about creating a unique sleep plan for your child.

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Private Consultations & Services


Prenatal/Postnatal Consultations

This package is a perfect way to give your little one a head start on learning great sleep skills. This package is appropriate for babies up to 6 weeks old.


Consultations for Newborns

This package is specifically designed for babies 2-3 months old and is based on no-cry sleep solutions.


Consultations for Children 3 Months to 2 Years of Age

This package is specifically designed for babies who need a little help adjusting their daytime and nighttime sleep patterns.


Consultations for Children 2 - 10 Years of Age

It is not too late to help your toddler, preschooler, or elementary-aged child learn new independent sleep habits.


Consultations for Twins

Double the fun, double the love, and double the sleep challenges!