Anne, parent of a 7 Month old

“Honestly, I am still in shock at the magic Kelsey did for me and my family.”

My baby was 7 months and waking up every 2 hours all night before we received the referral for Kelsey. I was skeptical – I’d tried almost everything, and I thought this would be another moment of reading great reviews+getting my hopes up+trying another new method, then still waking up every 2 hours. But I was desperate. Kelsey is an angel.
Kelsey was so attuned, responsive to my many questions, confident, and warm towards my concerns and hesitancy.
My baby is still sleeping 11-12 hours every night – started doing that within 3 days of working with Kelsey and has continued the last 2 months. And my baby hardly cried at all during the process.


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