Candace, parent of a 4 Month old

“This financial investment was worth more than what we paid..”

This program has drastically changed my life and my sweet little girl’s life! Before I was up all night nursing my little one to sleep, she wouldn’t take a bottle and was more fussy throughout the day. She didn’t take longer than 30 minute naps and I was not able to work much less have a life of my own! Halie was such a joy to work with she’s extremely knowledgeable. She would tell me what to expect on a follow up call and lo and behold my little one would start doing exactly what she said! I was skeptical at first thinking my little one wouldn’t take to the program but I was definitely wrong. This financial investment was worth more than what we paid, I’m able to have her on a predictable routine where I can now have my own routine and be able to work out and work! She puts herself to sleep at bedtime and at naps and even on the go, I’ve had to use a closet a time or two and she’s gotten herself to sleep flawlessly. My little one is rested and is a completely different baby than when we started, she laughs and visits and gets to enjoy her awake time discovering and loving life. I highly recommend Halie she will be the joy and answer you e been looking for!


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