Erinn, parent of a 7 Month old

“Our lives look so different now (for the better!) and we could not be more grateful!”

Sleep with our little guy used to be so stressful and unreliable. We had gotten to a point where he either had to be totally asleep before we put him down (because he’d wake up and scream immediately), or he had to be held or carried for his entire nap. Nights were bad enough with the multiple wakeups/feedings, but days were where I was really losing my mind — I had absolutely zero time to myself to do anything. It was incredible to watch him develop independent sleep skills within just a couple days of working with Erica — who was so patient, responsive and helpful as we worked through some unique issues during our time together. He’s now consistently taking two long naps a day and sleeping 11 hours straight at night — if you’d told me that 6 weeks ago I probably wouldn’t have believed it.


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