John & Ashleigh, parents of a 3 Month old

“Literally the progress we experienced was more than I could have ever expected and we are so grateful for Sleep Wise and Kelsey.”

Kelsey was absolutely amazing! We reached out to her when my 2nd son was 14 weeks old, and I was so sleep deprived I had no idea even where to start. I was getting ready to start back to work in a few weeks and was at the point of thinking I would forever be holding my son for all naps and nighttime sleep- which was a very scary thought. He would only sleep while held, and literally for 14 weeks myself or a family member was holding him everyday and at least half of the night. I was convinced he had colic as well- he was fussy or screaming for most of the time he was awake. This was so different than my first son I didn’t even know what to do. I reached out in desperation and even just talking to her helped to calm my nerves that I can do this and my son can do this. Right away she created a custom plan for my son, and we chose the plan that had texting for night one. Boy was I grateful we had that as I would have probably given up if not for her constant encouragement! She literally replied within seconds of the hundreds of texts I sent that night. We made it through night one (night one is rough – not going to lie), but guess what- he only woke up once. This had literally never happened ever before. Then on night two he SLEPT THROUGH THE NIGHT!! No wakings at all- how was this possible? Literally all of my friends and family were in shock as to how quickly it worked for nighttime sleep. Kelsey had taken my son from co-sleeping/holding, using pacifiers 24/7, no naps on his own to sleeping through the night on day 2!!!

The naps took a few more weeks to extend to where they needed to be but he is now a better sleeper than my first son! We have to wake him from every nap and in the mornings. Guess what!? He is also happy- so happy all the time!! He rarely cries unless he is hungry. He sleeps, we sleep, and our family is so happy. Literally the progress we experienced was more than I could have ever expected and we are so grateful for Sleep Wise and Kelsey. Recently, we had a leftover call from our package and had a call to adjust my son to a two nap schedule. Again, she was so responsive and amazing and he successfully transitioned and easily- even daily savings time was easy, I just let him sleep an extra hour and boom, we were on a new schedule! We are forever grateful, and now I know if we have a 3rd, I will be buying the prenatal package and starting from day 1. If your family is struggling, do yourself a favor and hire Kelsey! You will not regret it. I have recommended her to all of my new mom friends!


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