“My daughter Riley is 13 months now.  We worked with Katie when she was 7 months old. Working with her changed everything! I rant and rave to anyone I hear having a sleep problem. Riley has done amazing since 7 months. I was so against the cry it out way and your method was gentle and made me feel so comfortable doing it that way. Your program was worth every penny and if I had to do it again, I would have done it sooner!! Thank you SO much for sleep at night and sleep with just my husband. I’m forever grateful for your services.”

— SD

“I must admit I was a little skeptical of sleep training in general but Jeannine with Sleep Wise Consulting changed that.  My daughter was 2.5 and we were expecting her little sister’s arrival within a few months and she was still being rocked to sleep and waking several times a night where she needed help getting back to sleep.  Jeannine really worked with us on stuff we were already planning such as moving her to a new room and “big girl bed” and specific things we needed in our bedtime routine.  After expecting an all-night battle with my strong-willed girl, I was completely amazed that she was asleep on her own within 30-40 minutes.  She woke up a few times but went back to sleep with little intervention.  But by the fourth night she was asleep within minutes and slept completely through the night on her own.  At the end of our package time, Jeannine helped us tweak bedtime to a little later since my daughter was now actually getting TOO MUCH sleep.  It has been a game changer and we will definitely be contacting her again if we need help with #2.  Thank you!!!”

— SL

“Working with Kelley has been a lifesaver!!!  When we contacted her, our 4 month old twins had to be rocked to sleep with a bottle and were sleeping in rock-n-plays.  They were waking up multiple times a night and were unpredictable to say the least!  We knew we had to have some help and a plan to get them sleeping better and I am so glad we made this investment.  Our bigger twin slept 11 hours through the night in his crib without being swaddled on the third night of our time with Kelley!  We were completely amazed!  By the end of the three weeks, they were both sleeping through the night pretty consistently and were taking mostly consolidated naps on a schedule.  We now look forward to our bedtime routine with them rather than it being such a chore to get them to sleep.  It is so nice to have a predictable schedule during the day and night and they are such happy, rested babies!!!  I would recommend Kelley to anyone!!!”

— MJ (Consultant is Kelley)

“My husband and I can not adequately express how thankful we are for Kelley and her expertise!! Prior to our time with Kelley, our 8 1/2 month old was reliant on being rocked to sleep for both nap time and bedtime, he was not napping consistently or enough during the day, he struggled with self soothing and he was waking up anywhere from 2-5 times each night.  While we initially went back-and-forth deciding whether or not we should hire a sleep consultant, I can say wholeheartedly that I AM SO HAPPY WE DID! In just 2 weeks, our son has learned amazing sleep skills, is able to self soothe to sleep, is napping two times a day totaling 3-3.5 hours, is SLEEPING THROUGH THE NIGHT for 10-11.5 hours, and is more rested in the morning! In addition to all of the wonderful skills he has learned, my husband and I are able to spend more quality time together, we are sleeping through the night and feeling well rested in the mornings! I would highly recommend Kelley to any parent(s) who may be struggling with their little one sleeping at night, she provided a sleep plan that was obtainable for our family, she supported our decisions and was very encouraging when we needed it!  She has been wonderful for our family and I am so very happy that we had the chance to work with her! My advice to any parent(s) who are entertaining the idea of hiring a sleep consultant is “Do not wait any longer, call and find a plan that works for you and your family! You will not regret it!”

— MM

“I honestly don’t know what we would have done without Kelley! My family is beyond grateful for her and the amazing support and guidance that she gave us. Before we contacted Sleep Wise Consulting, my daughter went from waking every 1.5-2 hours in the night, taking unpredictable naps during the day, and needing to be patted or nursed to sleep. Kelley was there every step of the way! She was amazing with quick responses to any questions I had and it was very reassuring to have the support of someone who truly knew the ins and outs of getting a baby to sleep well. I never had to second-guess anything, and that gave me so much confidence going forward with our sleep plan.  After working with Kelley for a few weeks, my daughter did a complete 180. She is now able to sleep through the night consistently and take incredible naps! On top of that, my daughter is able to put herself to sleep. All of her sleep problems were corrected so quickly and we were sent off with a wonderful follow up plan. I am so incredibly grateful to Kelley for giving my daughter the gift of sleep!”

— Alex (Consultant is Kelley)

“Katie Pitts is our hero!  I felt that I was well versed in sleep training after training our daughter 3 years ago, but having a toddler and newborn was weighing on us, our whole house was sleep deprived, and I needed help.  We started with Katie when my son was 3.5 months old and by the second night he was sleeping through the night without a swaddle or pacifier.  He has continued to do so and his naps are lengthening just as Katie said they would.  He wakes up well rested and we all are happier since we are getting sleep.  Katie was incredibly easy to work with and is extremely knowledgeable.  Every tip that she gave us worked.  I would recommend her to anyone and everyone who is looking for sleep!  Don’t wait, call her now!”

— WH

“Working with Katie and Sleep Wise Consulting has given my husband and me confidence.  She can help you make sense of a routine and give you predictability in your days and nights.  When that happens, everyone in the family is happy!  Thanks, Katie!”

— MG

“We are writing to express our gratitude to Kelley for the work you’ve done with our family. We went from being pregnant with two toddlers who required HOURS to go to sleep, woke 2-8 times during the night and napped no more than 30 min during the day to having a newborn and two toddlers who go to sleep on their own, sleeping through the night 11.5-12 hours AND nap a minimum of an hour each day! All this, because of your efforts with our family! You took our concerns and our parenting goals and melded them into a workable plan specific to OUR needs, goals and wishes as a family.

We can’t thank you enough! We are all more rested and better prepared to take on our daily routine as well as adjust to being a family of five. You’ve given us our lives back and we can’t thank you enough!! We would VERY HIGHLY recommend your services to EVERYONE we know. Thank you for listening to us and working toward a sleep solution that was right for our family and parenting beliefs. You are our hero!”

— MS (Consultant is Kelley)

“Our family cannot thank you enough for the guidance and support you have given us!! When we called you, we were absolutely hopeless. After almost 2 years of not sleeping, we were on the verge of giving up! We honestly thought we had tried everything and that our toddler would never sleep. It has now been 4 weeks since we began working with you and he is now sleeping 11 hours a night with a two hour nap each day and very minimal fuss!!! We can tell such a dramatic difference in his demeanor now that he is rested. He is such a happy little boy (and that makes for a happy momma)!!! He is also making great improvements in his social and verbal development. Overall, working with you has been life changing!! I will recommend you to anyone that will listen because I truly believe you are so gifted!!! Thank you, Katie and God Bless you and your family!!!!”

— KG

“Sleep Wise Consulting saved our family’s sanity! Many friends recommended Babywise so I read the book… twice! But despite all my preparation and attention to the principles and schedule, it just wasn’t clicking for my son. When he was about 4.5 months, we reached out to Katie Pitts in desperation and got started on a plan that was specific to his needs.  It was a pretty intense couple of weeks, but the guesswork and self doubting were taken out thanks to the clear plan and coaching provided.  it is really amazing the transformation that has occurred in his sleep skills and affect. He is now 9 months and has been a sleep rock star since!”

— EN

“Dana was a tremendous resource in helping us get our 9 month twins on a sleep schedule. My husband and I were skeptical as we had tried several times on our own, and had been unsuccessful. Dana provided us with a simple, reasonable plan and our babies slept through the night (12 hours) on night 1 (in the same nursery)! After two weeks’ time, not only were they still sleeping through the night, they were taking 2 naps during the day. It requires consistency and good communication, and Dana is there every step of the way to ensure you succeed. I highly recommend working with her; she is very thorough and approaches all challenges with great enthusiasm. We are very pleased to see our babies finally getting sufficient rest, and are thrilled to be getting more sleep ourselves (finally!).”

— EH

“I originally hired Katie to help me with my daughter’s early morning wakings. I scheduled my free 15 minute call with her, and within the first few minutes, I immediately felt at ease talking with Katie. She collected some information regarding my issues, and provided me with some suggestions to try. Within two nights of implementing these suggestions, my daughter’s early wakings stopped. A couple months later, when I was experiencing difficulties with naps, there was no question I would hire Katie to help me make the transition from two to one nap. With her daily support, I was able to navigate things that came up, as well as have answers to any questions that arose throughout the process. Katie was patient, thorough, and reassuring every step of the way. I would definitely recommend working with Katie, and I would not hesitate to use her again if need be.”

— SL