“Our sweet baby struggled with sleep for weeks, that turned into months, and she was waking up many times during the night. Over the course of our time working with Katie, we stuck to her plan, and it works! The first night we saw major improvement! And it kept getting better!  Our baby is now sleeping 12 hours at night, taking good naps, and has great independent sleep skills.  We were given amazing support and encouragement and our daughter has been blessed with the gift of sleep!!”

— SK

“Our 22-month old son needed to be rocked to sleep at nap and night-time and would still wake an average of 2-4 times overnight and need to be rocked back to sleep each time he woke up. Over time, it had taken its toll on us as parents and even our marriage – as we were exhausted, irritated and frustrated. We were afraid to leave our son with a sitter to have a date night as we were embarrassed at the routine and length of time it would take to get our son to sleep. We began to work with Katie and our son can now fall asleep on his own in his crib and consistently sleeps straight through the night until 6:30 in the morning. Other family members and our nanny can put him down to sleep and our son knows it is bedtime and he has to fall asleep like big boy! As a family, we have come to cherish our time together during the day and understand the important role that sleep plays in our daily lives and how we function. Using Sleep Wise Consulting was one of the best investments we made and we are thankful for Katie’s support and the tools she gave us to help us teach our son how to sleep. “

— NJ

“This has been so wonderful. Not only are my husband and I getting our free time back but Logan’s attitude during the day has done a complete 180. He is so happy and silly again and minds so much better than when he was tired all the time. His most recent school report card also did not have any conduct issues. We cannot thank you enough!”

— TX

“Katie was a LIFESAVER. After 15 months of no sleep or on-again, off-again sleep, my husband and I reached our breaking point. Within two days of working with Katie, we started seeing an immediate difference in our son’s sleep patterns, and by night 4, he began sleeping from 7pm until 7am without any wake-ups. She was incredibly thorough with our sleep plan, follow-up calls and emails, guiding us through each step and offering invaluable support. I especially appreciated the compassionate approach toward changing our son’s sleep “crutches” and how she was there with us every step of the way (even though we live far away). My only regret is that we didn’t start working with her sooner. :)”

— PB

“I haven’t felt this well rested in months.  But the most important thing is how proud our son is.  He is undertaking this during a stressful time with the move and all.  Thank you so much!”

— DM

“I would highly recommend Jeannine as a sleep consultant for anyone with a little one who struggles with sleep.  My son had such a hard time sleeping I honestly never thought I would see the day he would sleep through the night let alone put himself to sleep!  After a year of struggling and trying things on my own, I came to Jeannine and I’m so happy I did! Jeannine is full of knowledge and what I loved the most is I never felt alone.  If something wasn’t working or I wasn’t comfortable, she always came back to me with a plan B. I would have never been able to do this alone, I am so grateful for her! She was very easy to relate to and explained everything in a clear manner and we came up with a plan we were both comfortable with.  I highly recommend Jeannine, she literally changed our lives.  Life is so much more stress free, I have more time for myself and my husband but most importantly, my son is finally getting the sleep that he needs to grow and be a healthy toddler!”

— LM

“Working with Kelley has been an amazing experience and worth every penny spent! We were struggling with our 4.5 month old who was only taking 45 minute naps and waking up to 5 times at night. Working full time and also having a 3 year old made it so difficult to function on such little sleep! Kelley quickly came to our rescue by talking with us on the phone and developing a plan that would work for home and daycare. We followed the plan she created for us and within days we were seeing a change in his sleeping patterns and habits. As problems would arise Kelley became a great resource and coached us through it. Our son is now happily sleeping 10-11 hours at night and taking full naps during the day. He is a well rested and happy little boy all thanks to the help and support of Kelley!”

— SM

“Working with Katie was awesome! Our family is so much happier, well rested, and we can be the best parents to our baby and toddler now that everyone is getting the sleep they need! I had done a lot of research on different methods of sleep training, but would not have had this success without the help of Katie. If you are thinking of hiring her, it’s probably because you need to! And trust me, it’ll be the best money you’ve ever spent…EVER!!!”

— SB

“Our 3 year old used to be a good sleeper – or so we thought. When we moved him from his toddler bed into a full sized bed, he started having difficulty sleeping through the night. Soon, I found myself waiting for him to fall asleep every night and then sleeping in his bed. He has always been a stubborn boy, so we were a little unsure when it came to sleep training.

Dana created a clear and concise plan. At any point we were frustrated or concerned, she was there to answer any questions we had, put our minds at ease and reassure us that we were making progress. She even helped us set up a plan for holiday travel. I am so happy to say that no only is our son falling asleep on his own, remaining in bed all night and not getting up until it’s “time” – he is also more well rested and happier. That makes for a happier mom! Dana was extremely professional, patient and knowledgeable. I only wish we had done this sooner! “

— HR

“Kelley – Thank you for helping our family regain our sanity!  With a full night of uninterrupted sleep, each one of us is happier during the day.  We have enjoyed spending quality time with each other and as parents, feel like we got 12 hours back each night.  Life is good again!”

— JJ

“My 3 year old son was a great sleeper until we moved into a new house.  He started delaying bedtime, waking up and coming into our bed and being ready to start the day at 5am.  I knew the transition was hard for him but after 3 months of “waiting it out” we knew we needed more help!  Dana was so helpful and supportive in creating a plan for our family that worked.  He’s now putting himself to sleep and sleeping through the entire night!  We’ve even seen a great improvement in his behavior during the day.  We cannot thank Dana enough for helping us to create more peaceful nights in our new house!”

— HI

“Working with Katie was instrumental in positively changing my babies sleep habits. We were in a place with Harper where she required rocking and a bottle before bed, she wouldn’t sleep through the night and she was not taking consistent or appropriate naps. After just one night we saw results, like better naps and sleeping though the night. A couple days after that Harper was going to sleep independently. Honestly, I was skeptical that we’d see significant and immediate results, but I was wrong and am so glad we reached out to Katie!”

— EL