“…absolutely the best investment…”

Sophia went from waking every 1-2 hours every single night and only taking naps on me to sleeping 11 straight hours during the night and taking predictable naps in her own crib. This was absolutely the best investment we could have made for our family! Heather was amazing and attentive and I can’t recommend her more!

— Denna, parent of a 7 Month old

“Thank you for our baby’s rested smile and our newfound calm.”

Marissa was fantastic. We were familiar with the concept of some sleep training from our first baby, but having her give us tailored and real-time advice and guidance was invaluable. Remarkably, our child went from wake-ups every 1-2 hours to sleeping through the night in a few days. We had dramatic improvement within 24 hours. All of this was about a month earlier than we thought possible.

— Idris, parent of a 3 Month old

“Life is now much more predictable thanks to Sleep Wise.”

Before Sleep Wise, my four month old was waking up every 45 min-2 hours at night needing to be nursed or pacified back to sleep, despite falling asleep independently at the beginning of the night. He also never took a solid nap unless it was on me (at best a 40 minute nap in the crib in the morning) and needed to be held constantly during the day. We had tried all of the books and various schedules, cry it out, and various wake windows. Within two-three nights of working with Melina, he was waking up just once for a feeding which soon dropped to NO feedings during the night. He takes three solid naps a day, and our baby is happy! My husband and I can now stay up in the evenings knowing we will have the whole night to sleep!

— Brooke, parent of a 4 Month old

“I highly recommend the program!”

We had such a great experience partnering with Marissa to get Piper sleeping through the night again! She was there every step of the way and answered all our questions and concerns. Piper excelled and is sleeping great now thanks to Marissa!

— Tiffany, parent of a 12 Month old

“We did not see results in 3-5 nights – we saw results on NIGHT TWO.”

Hey all you sleep deprived mamas: I have a secret to let you in on..

{you don’t have to live your life exhausted}

Connor was waking every 1-2 hours and would only sleep if me or Dan was holding him. We would take turns sleeping in his rocking chair to get a couple hours of consolidated sleep. As an RN and a strong advocate for safe sleep, I knew it was wrong but we were totally desperate, and in turn taking a risk that we shouldn’t have.

We went to Connor’s 6 month check up and the pediatrician told me he should be sleeping through the night and when I asked her what to do, she told me I just had to let him cry (not what I wanted to hear because – I couldn’t!) She had no other advice. Surprisingly, pediatricians aren’t trained in infant & child sleep.

I scheduled a free consultation call with Courtney and after talking with her, we had a sense of relief that we hadn’t had in a very long time. She gave us hope and assured us that our baby wasn’t broken. She told us she could absolutely help us and Connor and that we would start to see results in 3-5 nights. And although skeptical, we didn’t have any other choice. We could not continue life the way we were living it. We were personally suffering, our relationship was suffering, our work life was suffering, and our family was suffering.

We invested, committed, and started working with Courtney. We did not see results in 3-5 nights – we saw results on NIGHT TWO. To say we were shocked would be an understatement. After 3 weeks of working with her, we are finally able to relax into our new routine. Connor is now sleeping 10-12 hours at night and taking two solid naps in his crib during the day.

I truly can’t even put into words how much Courtney has helped us. I will never be able to thank her enough for what she has done for my family. The small token of appreciation I can show her is to send more sleepy families her way. If you’re struggling with your baby, toddler, or child (up to age 10!) I encourage you to reach out to her. Have the free consultation call with her. She’s amazing. Sleep is amazing. What do you have to lose?

— Adri & Dan, parents of a 6 Month old

“…happier every single morning!”

We were so nervous to “sleep train” our daughter, but Erica made it so easy. She made sure we were comfortable with the plan and it really was so gentle and easy to execute. We were sleeping 3-4 hours a night and constantly exhausted. Erica made no judgement on the methods we were using to get our daughter to sleep, she just taught us better and more useful tactics that have been long lasting. As a family, we are all getting sleep and much happier every single morning!

— Brooke, parent of a 18 Month old

“This program is beyond worth it!”

Working with Allison from Sleep Wise was truly one of the best decisions I made in 2020! My son’s sleep patterns were a bit inconsistent, and I craved some structure for both him and his sleepless parents. As a first time parent, I was making so many decisions in the course of a day. I tried to read about infant sleep on my own, but soon realized I needed an expert to simply tell me what to do. From my first call with Allison, her kind and caring nature made me feel super comfortable. She explained everything in a way that really made sense and gave me super personalized attention. I was all in! Very quickly after making the tweaks to Rory’s schedule that Allison suggested, I saw incredible improvement. He really took to her program, and within a week, he was taking two solid naps at the same times every day and also sleeping 12 hours at night…truly amazing! This program is beyond worth it! Thank you, thank you : )

— Courtney, parent of a 9 Month old

“It was worth every dollar…”

Courtney was amazing and could identify issues the other sleep books and blogs never even even mentioned. It was worth every dollar to have her evaluate our son and his specific needs as a soon to be 3 year old with delayed speech. Within 3 nights my son stopped waking up at 3am and climbing out of his crib. We will be using Courtney for our newborn in a few months.

— Courtney, parent of a 3 Year old

“Sleep Wise is a great plan.”

I felt like I had tried everything I knew to help my 15 month old to sleep better but we were still stuck in my bed. I never wanted to do a family bed but I couldn’t seem to get him to stay asleep without me next to him. All of our attempts at sleep training kept leading to diaper rash. Monica Maldonado was a gift from heaven for our family. She covered everything and had a plan that worked well for our family. It’s a wholistic approach taking into account what he is eating, temperature of the room, sound, clothes, routine, etc. I could just follow everything she said and trust that she knew what would work and it did. Wow! It was so refreshing to feel like you are doing the right thing and it’s ok to stick with your plan through the rough phase because it won’t last long and you are not doing the wrong thing. I think I kept trying something but then not sticking with the plan because I didn’t know if it was the right plan. Sleep Wise is a great plan. Monica is amazing and so encouraging. I love how they are right there with you the first night. Now I am more available for my other kids so I can properly put them to bed and make sure they are sleeping well. I have my evenings back and some me time. Nathan is also taking longer naps so the older kids and I can do school or play together.

— Andrea, parent of a 12 Month old

“Our only regret was to not have reached out sooner!”

When we found Sleep Wise we were at our whit’s end mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually. The lack of sleep for all parties was wearing on our family, work, and everything in between. The first night that our Rowan slept through the night we couldn’t believe it! We’re still in disbelief at times. Halle was such a joy, an encouragement, and believer in us and our child despite the curveballs our little one threw at her.  Thanks for giving us rest and helping us find the joy of family and parenting once more.

— Denee, parent of a 9 Month old

“We are now enjoying more predictability in our day and time together as a couple!”

We worked with Kelley previously with our daughter and knew that we would absolutely want to again with our new baby boy, Elliot! As baby #4, we were struggling to find time to spend with our older children with trying to get Elliot asleep, never knew when he would be in bed for the night, and taking turns getting him to go back to sleep during the night. Since working with Kelley, Elliot not only takes three amazing naps a day and sleeps almost 12 hours at night, but he also is happier and more energetic during the day! Kelley took the time to figure out a schedule and sleep solutions that worked best for Elliot and our family, all while never making us feel like we were just leaving him to fend for himself. We are now enjoying more predictability in our day and time together as a couple! Thank you!

— Amanda, parent of a 3 Month old

“Halie was our SLEEP ANGEL!”

Halie consulted us when we decided to enroll our daughter of 21 months into a sleep training program. Until then, we had tried everything we possibly could and realized it was time we called in expert help. Halie was incredibly patient in guiding us through the process, answering our many questions, addressing any concerns and volleying the curveballs we encountered. We are so grateful to Halie for helping us achieve all our sleep goals for Veda and for holding our hand through it all. We are glad that we trusted Halie and the process 100%.

— Sahil & Maddy, parents of a 21 Month old

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