“We are so happy knowing he is well-rested and getting the sleep his little body needs!”

Our baby, Crew, is a much happier baby since going through the program.
Cassandra did an amazing job working with us and our goals so that we could get through the program successfully! She was always there to answer our questions and concerns. This is our second time going through the program with Cassandra and we don’t regret it at all!

— Megan, parent of a 6 Month old

“The full two weeks of consultation left us feeling well-equipped to handle any hiccups that would come along the way.”

This was hands down the best money we’ve spent on our son so far. Our consultant, Kelsey, was everything one could ask for in a coach: patient, knowledgeable, encouraging…plus, she herself is a mom who has gone through sleep training from a parent perspective. We can’t believe it only took a few days to find success with our son sleeping through the night.  It’s hard now to remember how much we were struggling to get through each day getting at most 4 hours of sleep at a time. Our lives are better, not just from the perspective of not being sleep deprived, but because our son is also noticeably more playful, he enjoys his feeds more fully, and he is less irritable and better able to take in the world around him. It was truly life-changing for our family and we cannot recommend Sleep Wise highly enough.

— Celeste, parent of a 4 Month old

“Absolutely priceless to know your baby and toddler are getting the best sleep they need to grow, and to be able to sleep and give them the best you in the morning!.”

All this was possible  all in just a few days with Cassandra’s support!

Cassandra has been amazing, she initially helped my daughter who was 2.5 years old learn to sleep in her crib all night long! My daughter used to sleep in our bed, and would wake up on and off throughout the night. The first day was a challenge, she literally climbed out 15 times! By the 7th day she was sleeping all night long, I could not have imagined achieving this without Cassandra! It’s really hard to know what to do as every child is different and having Cassandra to answer every question and guide us through each day was a godsend! She is now 3.5 years old and still sleeps in her room for 12 hours! We love how happy she wakes up when rested! I recently had my second baby and reached out to Cassandra to help me, she is 6 months old and used to sleep in my bed, waking up 5/6 times a night, I didn’t know how to settle her other than to breastfeed assuming she was hungry! Little did I know, she wasn’t hungry, she just didn’t’ know how to sleep any other way. She is now 8 months old, sleeps in her crib during both naps and sleeps all night long! She is fully breastfed throughout the day and is growing well so I can’t be thankful enough to Cassandra in helping us shift my babies calories to the day, and making sure we all get the restorative sleep we need! Cassandra truly does take the time to listen to your individual situation, she is very detailed and very clear on everything you need to know and do to feel comfortable in helping your little ones learn how to sleep!

— Sunita, parent of a 6 Month old

“After implementing Kelsey’s plan, Lily was giving us 12 hour stretches within 3 nights.”

We cannot say enough good things about Kelsey and Sleep Wise Consulting. Kelsey helped us with our daughter, Lily, who wasn’t sleeping through the night at 6 months. Prior to contacting Kelsey, we thought we were doing everything right and our daughter merely wasn’t destined to sleep through the night (we’re second-time parents, already armed with infant sleep experience/knowledge). However, Kelsey suggested subtle adjustments that made HUGE differences.  Kelsey was extremely thorough in her assessment, incredibly knowledgeable in her suggestions, and genuinely supportive throughout the process. Her plan was easy to implement, and she was attentive to any changing needs throughout the entire process. We now wake up well rested, with a happy baby. When relaying our experience to our neighbors, I actually overhead my husband say it was “the best money ever spent,” and this was after I had to practically beg him to agree to it. Kelsey and Sleep Wise were worth every penny and more.

— Ashley, parent of a 6 Month old

“Highly recommend!!”

Nikki was fantastic to work with. She was available to answer all our questions at strange hours, guided us through every step and her expertise helped us transition our 5-month old from waking up ~5x per night to sleeping 11-12 hours every night, which made all of us a lot happier.

— Kellen, parent of a 5 Month old

“We were getting little sleep but most importantly our little guy was not getting the sleep he needed to help him developmentally.”

We had gotten into bad habits with sleeping with our three year old. We knew there needed to be change and that is when we found Kelsey. She was so helpful and supportive. Our little guy learned so fast and it has been a tremendous help, not only is he sleeping through the night but he is a happy kiddo again. Thanks so much Sleep Wise and of course Kelsey, we couldn’t have done it without you.

— Jenn, parent of a 3 Year old

“Nikki guided us through the process with grace and patience.”

Sleep Wise changed our lives. We loved her so much we made the investment to work with her again when we had our second child. I will forever recommend Sleep Wise to any parent as the best investment they can make for their family!

— Ashley, parent of a 1 Month old

“He just turned 3 months and is sleeping 12 hours through the night with zero props.”

Kelsey has been so great in our son’s sleeping journey! Not depending on a pacifier to help my son soothe has been a game changer. A few nights ago, he did have an unexpected waking, so I contacted Kelsey and she immediately gave me the solution I needed to fix it and also helped me understand why it was happening. Sleep Wise Consulting is 100% worth the investment!

— Vanessa, parent of a 2 Month old

“Megan changed our lives in less than a month.”

We literally had the worst sleeper known to man. Waking minimum 6-10× a night still at 18 months old. I was dying and felt like an awful mother. I wish I had gotten help so much sooner!

— Raemi, parent of a 18 Month old

“We were very hesitant of using any sleep training but after reading good reviews, we decided to give it a shot, and we are so glad that we made this decision.”

We had a fantastic experience with Kelsey and I would highly recommend her. Our 4.5 month old was not sleeping well and was waking up every hour or so at night. We would have to rock him to sleep. His naps were not that great either. Kelsey did a great job of making us feel comfortable with the process by explaining the reasoning behind each step and addressing our concerns. She went above and beyond the agreed service, ensuring that she was there for us whenever we panicked. Just in a week, our little one started going to sleep on his own unassisted and waking up just once at night and looks like he is on the path to drop that night waking as well. He has been taking good naps as well and wakes up happy, unlike before where he would be all fussy every time he woke up. As a bonus, we have been getting great night sleep and have been able to focus on the overall wellbeing of our family.

— Rishita, parent of a 4 Month old

“The stress and anxiety that came with not knowing how long he’ll sleep, if he’ll sleep, when and where he’ll sleep is gone!”

Erica and Sleep Wwise changed my life! My 4 month old was up every hour, would need to be rocked to sleep for naps and nighttime, would only sleep on me or my husband, I was going insane. Now, after 3 weeks, he takes 3 naps a day, only needs 1 night time feed (which he is almost done with) and puts himself to sleep for naps and night time sleep !!!! No more rocking no more sleeping on me! I am finally sleeping again and he is such a happier baby because of his new schedule.  Incredible results, would recommend to any and all parents struggling with sleep for their baby.

— Jessica, parent of a 4 Month old

“Once we finished with our initial infant gold package, we were able to receive amazing and responsive ongoing support through their REM program.”

The Sleep Wise consulting team is the absolute BEST!! (Extra shoutout to our incredible consultant Kelsey). They take special care in walking you through their entire program to help ensure your child not only starts sleeping through the night, but also eases past any traditional regressions (4 months, 8 months etc).

My favorite part of the REM program is the exclusive Facebook group where you can post questions, get a quick response from senior consultants within 24 hours and even see what other mamas are going through!!

Again, it has been an amazing experience working with the sleep wise team and I highly recommend their services!

— Talia, parent of a 2 Month old