“He now has the sleep skills he can take anywhere.”

Before Sleep Wise, Charlie was waking up multiple times at night. We were often running in to save naps, and were slowly going crazy due to sleep deprivation. We had tried every trick, read countless books, and nothing seemed to help him sleep through the night until Melina stepped in. She was patient, encouraging, and incredibly supportive as we found the perfect routine to help Charlie. In about a week, he was sleeping through the night, taking close to 2 hour naps and he started doing this while we were on vacation and continued as we transitioned to daycare. I love how she truly equipped him with sleep skills he can take anywhere!

— Lauren, parent of a 4 Month old


Sleep Wise saved my sanity. My six month old has never been a good sleeper but it got to where he was waking up every 1-2 hours at night and not taking good naps during the day. Monica provided an easy plan to follow and the first night he was sleeping 12 hours at night and has every night since we started following the plan. Amazing! I will be recommending Sleep Wise to any parents struggling with sleep.

— Bria, parent of a 6 Month old

“We are such a happy well rested family!”

We just returned home from a successful first family vacation. Henry was such a trooper despite his quarantined lifestyle! He maintained his sleep schedule exactly in a new environment and pack n play. He slept 7pm-7am and napped just as well as he does at home if not better. I owe this all to you! You were such a savior in those beginning months as a new mom. I had so many questions (some not even related to sleep) and you were able to help with each one and ease my mind. You coached me through each transition and encouraged me to do what Henry needed. Since he was 9 weeks old I haven’t had to enter his room in the night a single time and he almost always puts himself to sleep peacefully and happy. I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart and I am so grateful to have found you.

— Chloe, parent of a 2 Month old

“Our baby is happier and healthier, our family is happier and healthier,..”

Like many new parents, my husband and I had no idea that our 3-month-old son could/should be on any kind of schedule. Waking up every 2 hours (or less) to nurse and comfort baby back to sleep, we were run-down, exhausted, and irritable. We heard of the magic of sleep consulting from some friends who used a Sleep Wise consultant, and we sought out some help after a particularly rough stretch of sleepless nights. We were paired with Courtney Key, and through her patience and experience, she came up with a plan that suited the needs of our whole family. When needed, Courtney was able to troubleshoot and adjust our baby’s schedule throughout our two weeks together. She was great with follow-up phone calls, emails, and resources, and once the program was over, our son was sleeping through the night. Our baby is happier and healthier, our family is happier and healthier, and we know we have the tools to develop healthy sleep habits as he grows thanks to Courtney’s help.

— Nicole, parent of a 3 Month old

“We worked with Dana for our second time without hesitation!”

It was so hard to spend time with my toddler while having to tend so much to my newborn daughter and living with constant anxiety of when she would wake up screaming next. We were dealt the hand of two colicky, reflux babies in 2018 and again in 2020 and I knew that Dana could get us all sleeping better by the time I returned to work! Dana helped us work through the reflux in a way that was safe, allowing our daughter to gain weight as needed and not putting any expectations on sleep duration. By week 10 we were seeing 10 hour stretches and when I returned to work she was on a 6:30 bedtime and it allows me more time with my toddler in the evenings! Happy family!

— Laura, parent of a 3 Month old

“..he and I have the much needed rest that we were so desperate for.”

Just two weeks ago I was feeling so hopeless, overwhelmed, and extremely sleep deprived. My one year old had yet to sleep through the night, and napped very little throughout the day. Once I reached out to Halie, I felt so encouraged and confident that she was going to provide the unique tools and routine for my family. My baby now falls asleep on his own through the entire night, naps are much longer, and he and I have the much needed rest that we were so desperate for. It has been the best gift. I truly could not be more thankful for Halie + Sleep Wise.

— Jillian, parent of a 12 Month old

“It truly changed our lives!”

Our 3.5 year old son was a perfect sleeper until September of last year. Once he started climbing out of his crib it was game over. For nine months bedtime was horrific, he was up multiple times a night, and was waking for the day around 4:30 am. After only 2 nights working with Erica, he was putting himself to bed and bedtime was so peaceful. By the end of the program he was sleeping 6-6. It truly changed our lives! My only regret is not reaching out 9 months earlier. We are forever grateful for the help Erica provided!

— Krista, parent of a 3 Year old

“I’m so happy to have my nights back to enjoy with my husband!”

Sarah helped us conquer the unimaginable. Our 7month old was a previous co-sleeper at night and Rock N’ Play sleeper for naps. Now, he’s able to fall asleep on his own (sometimes in under 3 minutes), he sleeps 11+ hours at night in his own crib, and he naps twice daily in his own crib!

— Candy, parent of a 7 Month old

“Now that we have been following the program, he sleeps through the night routinely and puts himself to sleep for naps and bedtime”

Before working with Monica, we were doing anything to get out newborn to sleep. This was our first baby and we felt totally unprepared once getting home from the hospital. We could not get our baby boy to sleep by himself, he always had to be with us. After just a couple of weeks working with Monica, he was sleeping in his own crib and even through the night sometimes! Now that we have been following the program, he sleeps through the night routinely and puts himself to sleep for naps and bedtime. I do not know where we would be without this help. Monica was a pleasure to work with and always so helpful; patient but firm in her homework assignments, which is what we needed. Don’t hesitate, it will change your life for the good.

— Valerie, parent of a 1.5 Month old

“I consider this the best gift of self-care I’ve given myself as a mom!”

Before working with Kim we were up 4 times a night and our baby needed to be held or ear to fall asleep. Literally after 2-3 days of working with her, he was sleeping through the night and within a week he was putting himself to sleep quietly for all naps. It was life changing.

— Katie, parent of a 3.5 Month old

“I cannot recommend this service enough, my only regret is that I didn’t do it sooner!”

Emily has literally changed our life in less than a week. Our 6 month old woke up every 1-2 hours throughout the night and wouldn’t nap at all during the day. We had been trying alternative sleep training plans for months, and thought we knew everything there was to know about baby sleep. Emily gave us a tailored, detailed (but simple) plan, and spent so much time talking us through every aspect of sleep habits, and daytime routine – totally personalized to our particular situation. We were absolutely floored at how well, and how quickly, we saw results. Emily worked with us through a move, a time change, and a travel, all of which went incredibly smoothly with her guidance. Our son now sleeps 12 hours at night and falls asleep for two long naps during the day on his own.

— Joanna, parent of a 6 Month old

“I would recommend this program to anyone who needs help with sleep training!”

Upon completing our program, our son was finally sleeping through the night! Timmy was 6 months old when he started the program with multiple nighttime wake ups and within days he was sleeping a solid 10 to 12 hours straight. We worked with Marissa and she was amazing! She even helped us transition him through a vacation we had planned as well. Today, his naps and sleep routine are so easy that I can’t believe it. He doesn’t need a bottle or anything going down, we just lay him down and he goes to sleep happily! I would recommend this program to anyone who needs help with sleep training! Thank you so much Marissa!

— Melissa, parent of a 6 Month old

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