Tejal, parent of a 5 Month old

“..having Heather hold my hand through this process made all the difference.”

I reached out across continents and oceans to enlist the assistance of Heather. We had previously thought my son suffered from colic but the never-ending crying, restless nights and days of being shackled to my son’s nursery ended after a few short days of working with Heather. She made us feel comfortable and safe in her approach and was literally available 24-7 if we had questions or required guidance. Following her advice, we got rid of my son’s pacifier which as a first time parent seemed unthinkable but I can happily report that my baby boy quickly adjusted to life and most importantly sleep without it. He now sleeps independently and for at least 10 hours a night. I had previously worked with two sleep consultants and tried a number of self-help books but having Heather hold my hand through this process made all the difference.


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