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“We feel super empowered and very well equipped to handle future sleep changes as well.”

We worked with Leigh Ann at Sleep Wise and she was an absolute lifesaver! In a couple of short days, we went from having a five month old who needed hours of rocking and contact naps to an independent sleeper who could self soothe and sleep 11-12 hrs overnight and 2-4 hrs during the day. Leigh Ann was incredibly supportive, validating and super responsive at troubleshooting our sleep issues with our baby. We’ll be recommending Leigh Ann to all of our family & friends!

— Erika, parent of a 5 Month old

“Your sleep is worth it!”

Our daughter was dependent on the paci to fall asleep! We were so afraid to drop the paci and sleep train once she turned 6 months, but I knew with us both going back to work we had to do it! I tried my best to follow wake windows and schedules on my own but suffered from short 45 min naps and MOTN wake ups. I was so nervous to sleep train but we had a few difficult days but now our daughter is sleeping through the night & finally doing 1.5-2 hr naps. The money was worth it for us. We got to work with Ashley for about 2 weeks, I logged all her feedings, naps, motn wake ups and Ashley dissected it all! We are now on a two nap schedule and sleeping 12 hrs at night! I will always reach back out to Ashley and the team if I have any issues in the future! Your sleep is worth it!

— Amanda, parent of a 6 Month old

“She was just a joy to text, talk and email with.”

When we came to Sleep Wise, and Emily Freilino specifically, we were really struggling with a 6 month old that simply could not nap or sleep independently. Add to that a three and a half year old whose sleep had been totally turned upside down since the baby arrived, and we were desperate for help! Within a very short amount of time, our baby was both napping and sleeping independently and there wasn’t a pacifier in sight – he’s a self-soothing pro! And once we had the baby squared away, we turned our sights to our toddler. In no time, we had successfully dropped his nap and he was sleeping (lying down) in his toddler bed and following bedtime and nighttime rules like a superhero! We simply couldn’t have done it without Emily’s support and expertise.

— Drew, parent of a 3 Year old

“We can’t thank Emily enough!!”

Emily was such a pleasure to work with! Our 5 month old (Chloe) was being held for all naps, sleeping in a doc-a-tot and nursing to sleep. With Emily’s guidance, consistent check-ins, modifications and clear structure, Chloe quickly learned how to sleep through the night in her crib, fall asleep independently and drop a nap. Emily left us with plans to continue working on future nap goals as well as travel and sick plans should Chloe’s sleep change or regress.

— Amy, parent of a 5 Month old

“Emily got us back on track and supported us all the way through!”

Our daughter successfully transitioned from two naps to one with Emily’s guidance. We truly could not have done it without her. We tried to do the transition ourselves with a very determined and steadfast toddler who refused to nap or sleep well at night.  It was such peace of mind to be able to reach out and have a helping hand to guide us. Thank you thank you thank you Emily. You cannot go wrong working with her!!!

— Annie, parent of a 17 Month old

“Absolutely could not have done this without Emily!”

Emily is the best! We reached out during our baby’s 4 month sleep regression. She went from sleeping really well at night to waking up every hour and struggling to settle. In only a couple weeks, we have a baby who self-settles and sleeps great at night. As an added bonus, she’s now also a napping CHAMP who takes 3 predictable naps per day. Emily did an amazing job of validating and calming us, the parents, so that we could support our baby towards better sleep.

— Lauren, parent of a 4 Month old

“I couldn’t be happier”

Emily helped us sleep train 2 of our babies. She helped us to reclaim some portion of our lives back 😂

— Dave, parent of a 2 Month old

” It was the best investment we could’ve made not only for his sleep but for our family.”

We reached out to Emily just as our son was turning 6 months old. We were in desperate need of sleep help. Our little guy was waking every two hours or less for several nights and we thought “somethings gotta give”. We did the discovery call with Emily and promptly started working with her. We now have clear guidance on when he needed to be put to bed, fed and more. This is our second child and no two kids are alike. Emily met us where we were and within days he was sleeping 12 hours at a time with no night waking. We couldn’t believe it and actually fell asleep on the couch waiting for him to wake. Happy to say Emily has helped us get the sleep we as parents need and our little guy is happier for it!

— Nicole, parent of a 6 Month old

“There was a WHY behind every step.”

Emily is THE REAL DEAL! If you are looking for a sleep coach for your child and incredible support for you to get through it, Emily is it. We were referred to Emily by a close friend who is a therapist and we could not be happier that we made this investment. Emily was organized, encouraging and held our hand through this process. Baby steps and consistency wins!!!! She explained and she made the process fun for our son and for us. I can confidently say that after 3 weeks our son is sleeping beautifully through the night, he’s more confident and has an extra pep in his step. THANK YOU EMILY!!!!!!

— Sarah, parent of a 2 year old

“We are getting our sanity back!”

Working with Emily has been an absolute game-changer for our family. We had great success working with Sleep Wise for our first child, and the same is true for our second. Emily helped us transition our 6-month-old from fighting naps and waking up 3-5 times a night to sleeping 12 hours through the night and napping solidly.  Cannot thank Emily enough. She was patient, thorough and met us where we were at. She stuck with us until we were on the other side. If you are considering this, do it. Cannot recommend her services enough.

— Mary, parent of a 6 Month old

“Nikki was nothing short of amazing!”

Her level of support working with us and our toddler for everyone to start getting the sleep we needed was so worth it! Even having a fairly set bedtime routine, Nikki’s guidance leveled up our bedtime routine and we watched our daughter thrive at bedtime and sleep. I cannot recommend Nikki & Sleep Wise Consulting enough!

— Trisha, parent of a 24 Month old

“What a difference it has made to have a well rested kid….and parents!”

We worked with Leigh Ann for our 4 year old daughter and it was an absolutely incredible experience. After 6 months of near constant wake ups during the night – one week with her plan and our daughter was sleeping soundly through the night.  Leigh Ann was patient and thoughtful throughout the whole process. We can’t thank her enough. Highly highly recommend.

— James, parent of a 4 Year old