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Flooded with options, and unsure of what will work, you don’t just want any help. You want the best sleep training services for your child.

After almost a decade of experience and thousands of clients, one thing is certain. Every child has unique sleep needs and the personalized guidance that comes from one-on-one expert support is the best way to help you resolve your child’s sleeplessness. The result is a custom sleep solution that works when other sleep methods have failed.


"What sets Sleep Wise apart is the genuine care they exhibit for both the baby and the parents. Our consultant's follow-up sessions were invaluable, addressing any concerns and refining the sleep plan to meet our evolving needs."

- Easton, parent of a 13 month old

Sleep training services provided by experts.

In addition to receiving extensive training and ongoing education, Sleep Wise Consultants bring their own diverse backgrounds to our clients. The goal of every member of our team is to be a trusted guide for every family, removing the guesswork and resolving sleep disruptions to life-changing results.


  • Pediatric nurse practitioners
  • Child development specialist
  • Speech-language pathologists
  • Daycare liaisons
  • Social workers
  • Registered nurses
  • Postpartum and maternal nursing
  • Cognitive behavior therapists
  • Applied behavior analysts
  • Occupational therapists
  • Experienced educators
  • Counselors
  • Health and wellness coaches
  • Tongue and lip tie revision specialists
your questions, answered.

What if Sleep Wise doesn't work for my child?

We understand that you want to feel you are making a smart investment by moving forward with Sleep Wise – especially if you have tried other things in the past that have not worked.

After working with thousands of babies and toddlers, we know that the vast majority of children can master independent sleep skills within our 2-3-week timeframe. It is a rare case in which a child is still struggling with sleep after the recommendations have been implemented consistently. That said, should your child need extended support, your consultant will talk you through an option that will work best to meet your needs. Your consultant is committed to your child’s sleep success!

Will there be crying? Is this the “cry it out” method?

Often the biggest hesitation around sleep training is about crying. There is a misconception that by creating healthy, independent, sleep habits you won’t be able to be a loving and responsive caregiver. In truth, you can strengthen your connection to your child by understanding how to meet their needs, and by eliminating sleep deprivation through sleep training.

Cry It Out (CIO) or “extinction”, is a non-parental involvement method of sleep training. This is not a sleep training method that Sleep Wise utilizes. While any changes made to sleep habits or routine can be met with crying, we work with you to provide an appropriate support system for your child while they learn new sleep habits. Additionally, we address many other factors that can impact sleep, (schedule, routine, nutrition, sleep environment, etc.) to set a child up for sleep success long before bedtime. We cover this topic in-depth, here.

What is the Sleep Wise method?

The Sleep Wise method your consultant will choose for your family depends on several factors: the age of your child, your goals, schedule, routine, nutrition, and sleep environment. The initial plan, presented during your consultation, serves as our starting point and framework. Once we begin, your consultant will be with you via email, phone calls, and/or text to provide personalized support and guidance for your child as they learn a new skill.

A full breakdown of Sleep Wise sleep training methods by age can be found here.

Are you experienced with twin sleep?

As highly experienced twin sleep specialists, we’ve got good news: it is possible for your twins to nap and sleep at the same time. We even have quite a bit of experience with triplets as well! Check out more here.

I have a unique circumstance and I'm not sure where to start. Can you help?

If you aren’t sure which consultant is best suited to help your unique circumstance and need some additional guidance, please fill out our contact page, and we will respond quickly.

Is this covered by insurance?

Sleep Wise Consulting does not accept insurance. While some HSA and FSA programs cover sleep training services, we urge you to contact your FSA or HSA administrators to confirm your personal eligibility prior to purchasing a package.

What We Believe

Healthy sleep is life-changing.

Your child’s sleeplessness can leave you feeling isolated, confused, frustrated, hopeless – exhausted. Sleep Wise Founder & CEO, Katie Pitts, knows firsthand how true this is, and how good life can be on the other side. She is an advocate for mental health, passionate about continuing education, and on a mission to help new parents feel completely supported as they navigate the complexities of sleep. Over the past 9 years, Katie has built and grown a team of experts to deliver on this vision, with no compromises.

No sleep challenge is too big, and it’s never too late to help your child sleep well! If you are wondering if our sleep training services can help your family, schedule a free call to talk to a member of our consultant team.


The Sleep Wise Way

Collective effort

When you choose Sleep Wise, you benefit from an entire think tank of sleep and development resources, experiences and solutions.

Education first

Every Sleep Wise team member has been educated in one of the top sleep training programs, not simply an online course or seminar. We take our work seriously so that you can rest easily.

Up-to-date expertise

Our team members meet monthly for continuing education. You can trust us to deliver the best, most current sleep and development advice in the industry.

APSC Membership

As the Founder of Sleep Wise, Katie is a member of the Association of Professional Sleep Consultants, an organization that promotes the highest standard of practice for the industry.

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