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Melina Moses

I’m a certified sleep consultant with a passion for helping others achieve a restorative level of sleep, even in complex cases. Read on to learn how I can help you dig into different problem areas of your sleep and uncover different solutions based on your needs.


It all started with a tethered tongue.

When my twins were born, I knew something wasn’t right. They spit up constantly, they didn’t want to eat, and we struggled with reflux. All normal preemie things they told me. When my third daughter was born full term and the same issues arose – I dug further. After finally getting the confirmation I had always had a gut feeling about, our airway journey began. All of my kids were tongue tied. So what did this mean for me?!

My sleep hygiene had always been good, but I was always tired!:

Nobody ever had answers for me, and I just began to accept this way of life.

My sleep study came back normal, now what?!

So many of you can relate I’m sure. It’s never easy to continue to get “normal” results, even when your body is telling you differently. You’ve tried all of the things, all promising, yet you aren’t making any progress.

I stumbled upon a dentist who specialized in airway and TMJ disfunction after my daughter was diagnosed with pediatric sleep apnea. This was a turning point in my journey to find restorative rest. I too could have the quality of sleep I had so desperately been searching for! Without drugs and without surgery. Was this too good to be true?!

Sleep Wise truly transformed my entire family’s life.

After using Sleep Wise for my children, and joining the team, I knew there had to be a possibility for restorative rest for myself as well. It took a lot of digging, researching, education, and more digging but I feel confident I have found an approach that will work for even the toughest, poorest sleepers! This usually entails a collaborative approach, depending on what root causes contribute to your sleep. I pride myself in knowing that I don’t have all the answers, but love to educate and empower others to piece together their puzzle for restorative sleep.

Melina at a Glance

Location/Time Zone

Oklahoma City, OK / CST

Years with Sleep Wise

2 years


SWSC, Breathe Baby Ambassador, TOTS certified


Airway health & sleep disorders

my style

Love to think outside the box

Sleep Philosophy

You don’t have to navigate this alone. I’ll be right by your side to help you navigate the way to find the root cause!

“I’m going to be honest and say I had every reservation about hiring a sleep consultant and every single one of them proved wrong. My only regret is that I didn’t start sooner.”

Jessica, 35

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