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Rebekka Wall

I believe that with intention, effort, and the right approach, many sleep problems can be improved and solved. Sleep should be prioritized for those who desire to live a long, healthy life. As a certified adult sleep consultant, I want to help others improve poor sleep habits and relieve stress surrounding sleep by providing evidence based tools.

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Since 2017, I have been a full-time homemaker and mom.

I had three boys within three years, and my mind and body seemed to be in a constant state of stress from inconsistent sleep, hormonal changes from pregnancy and nursing, and living with the pressures of being a solo parent while my husband traveled for work.

Seeking guidance from Sleep Wise turned into a mission to help others who can’t sleep.

Our oldest son was 9 months old when he began waking in the middle of the night and I found out I was pregnant with our second son.

I entrusted those early months of sleep with each new baby to the team at Sleep Wise. But I noticed I began to hear a familiar story among my friends, “My baby sleeps now, but I can’t!”

Anxiety surrounded their own bedtime, hormone shifts messed with sleep cycles, and the desire to have the much needed “me time” after baby’s bedtime left many with inconsistent sleep patterns and choosing alone time late into the night over proper rest. I knew there had to be solutions for women and maxed out moms.

Living in a state of inconsistent and poor sleep isn’t sustainable long-term, and you should not have to feel stress or anxiousness around sleep.

You can have restful sleep and energy that lasts throughout the day.

I would be honored to walk alongside you offering strategies and solutions to help give you the rest your body and mind needs.

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Seattle, WA / PST


A book and glass of water


Certified Adult Sleep Consultant


Adult Sleep Behavior, Women and Hormonal Disorders

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Committed, Encouraging, Results Driven, Organized

Sleep Philosophy

The rested bird gets the worm. It is difficult to do our very best, whatever time of day, when we don’t have the energy for it!

“I’m going to be honest and say I had every reservation about hiring a sleep consultant and every single one of them proved wrong. My only regret is that I didn’t start sooner.”

Jessica, 35

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