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Courtney Key, Senior Pediatric Sleep Consultant

Boston, Ma.

Courtney is a Senior Pediatric Sleep Consultant and has been at Sleep Wise since 2019. As a tenured member of the Sleep Wise team, Courtney plays an active role in supporting and educating members of the Sleep Wise Consultant team.

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Courtney’s Experience

Courtney has worked with more than 600 clients and understands the intricacies of baby and toddler sleep. Often children of the same age will require different strategies or approaches. Courtney’s ability to meet a challenge and provide solutions for varied needs has made her a valuable resource for families who are struggling with their child’s sleep. In addition, she is highly experienced with navigating sleep for children that have medical concerns, such as: hip dysplasia, feeding tubes, anxiety, autism, cancer, reflux, colitis, sleep apnea, SPD, food allergies, chronic ear infections, tongue, lip, and cheek ties, head banging, and prematurity.

Courtney’s areas of specialty include in transitioning newborns out of the snoo, baby sleep, and toddler sleep and anxiety.

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"Hiring Courtney has been one of the best investments - maybe the best - I've made since becoming a parent. Her values were aligned with my own with regard to parenting and attachment, which made me feel so much better. Courtney is the only person who identified my daughter might have a tongue tie. Everyone else dismissed the idea because she was gaining weight, but it turned out she had a very severe lip and tongue tie. That, combined with Courtney's excellent guidance around building good sleep habits changed everything for us."

Sam, parent of a newborn

Courtney’s Sleep Story

As first-time parents, my husband, Dave, and I guessed our way through any sleep challenges that came up with our son, Alex. We were in survival mode. Too tired to read and research sleep solutions or methods. We improved Alex’s sleep only through trial and error and a lot of time.

Four years later, our son Owen was born and he would not sleep more than 40 minutes. I hit a breaking point. I couldn’t do this anymore, and I reached out to Sleep Wise Consulting.

I vividly remember hearing our consultant say, “Owen loves to sleep. He just doesn’t know it yet.” on our first call. I felt hopeful and reassured. Those feelings were quickly replaced by relief as we watched Owen fall asleep peacefully for naps and bedtime, within a matter of days.

Sleep Wise Consulting gave us sleep education, balance in my day, and best of all, I had an expert guiding me – no more trial and error. After this life-changing experience with Sleep Wise Consulting, I knew I wanted to share this gift with other parents.

Courtney at a Glance

Location/Time Zone

Boston, MA / EST

On my nightstand

lavender oil and an Andes candy


CSWC, Bachelor of Science in Marketing


newborns, babies, and toddler sleep

my style

empathetic and detail-oriented; flexible and patient, out-of-the-box thinker

Sleep Philosophy

I’m here to closely support your family as we transform your child’s sleep.

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