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Our privacy policy here is pretty simple. If you choose to share your e-mail address, we’ll use it for personal correspondence, and to get in touch with you periodically to tell you about new research, notify you about blog posts that you might be interested in reading, promotional messages about our products and services, notifications about new video posts, and so on.

If you ever want us to stop sending you email, all you need to do is click on the “unsubscribe” link that you’ll find at the bottom of every message we send. (For personal correspondence, just reply with the word “remove” in the subject line.)

I never send email to people who haven’t given me their email address. I also never sell, rent, or share your information with anyone else. (I hate spam as much as anyone!)

Questions About Our Privacy Policy?. If you have any questions about this privacy policy or concerns about the way Sleep Wise processes your data, please contact us.