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You don’t just want a good consultant — you want the right consultant.

When you work with Sleep Wise Consulting, you benefit from an entire team of experienced, certified consultants who know the ins and outs of pediatric sleep, development, behavior, and more.


A team that has your back.

Sleep Wise is a group of certified sleep consultants and childhood development experts who help families navigate sleep and live easier. We do the research so you don’t have to, and deliver sound advice for your growing family.


  • Pediatric nurse practitioners
  • Child development specialist
  • Pediatric chiropractors
  • Speech-language pathologists
  • Postpartum and maternal nursing
  • Daycare liaisons
  • Social workers
  • Registered nurses
  • Feeding therapists
  • Cognitive behavior therapists
  • Applied behavior analysts
  • Occupational therapists
  • Experienced educators
  • Counselors
  • Health and wellness coaches
  • Tongue and lip tie revision specialists

"Before Sleep Wise, I was at my breaking point due to my daughter's chaotic sleep. Now, she is sleeping through the night! I could NOT have done this without Sleep Wise."

- Amanda, parent of a 3 month old

What We Believe

A happy life starts with healthy sleep.

Sleep Wise Founder Katie Pitts thought she would master the parenting game from the get-go.  Three months later and desperate for sleep, she dug into sleep science and implemented evidence-based tactics to help her family. It worked. She learned that establishing healthy sleep is the first step toward a healthy family, and founded Sleep Wise to give every family a solid foundation. 

Confidence for every step of the way.

As your child grows, new challenges emerge. Our evidence-based one-on-one packages and online courses empower you to sleep well, navigate every milestone, and build healthy family bonds.

potty training
Healthy Parenthood
Our Mission

We teach families to thrive, day and night.

We’re parents first, so we understand how intense raising children can be. We deliver evidence-based sleep and development education to create a new normal– where families are rested, connected, and confident. 

The Sleep Wise Way

Collective effort

When you choose Sleep Wise, you benefit from an entire think tank of sleep and development resources, experiences and solutions.

Education first

Every Sleep Wise team member has been educated in one of the top sleep training programs, not simply an online course or seminar. We take our work seriously so that you can rest easily.

Up-to-date expertise

Our team members meet monthly for continuing education. You can trust us to deliver the best, most current sleep and development advice in the industry.

APSC Membership

As the Founder of Sleep Wise, Katie is a member of the Association of Professional Sleep Consultants, an organization that promotes the highest standard of practice for the industry.

your questions, answered.

I thought you only focused on sleep. Did something change?

Sleep Wise Consulting began as a pediatric sleep consulting company, but we expanded into child development and behavior as well as adult sleep in 2017. Now, we’re industry leaders and certified consultants in pediatric and adult sleep, kids and adult empowerment coaching, and experts for common challenges like lactation/feeding and potty training.

What are your thoughts on “crying it out”?

The term “crying it out” is defined very differently even among sleep experts, so this is a question we get quite often from parents seeking more sleep but desiring to meet that goal in a responsive, gentle, consistent way. Though we all value our role as certified pediatric sleep consultants, first and foremost, every single one of our team members is a parent, so we will not ask you to do something we would not be willing to do with our own children. We want our client families to know that at Sleep Wise, you can expect that we will NOT ask you to utilize traditional cry it out extinction where you’re listening to your child cry without responding. While it is normal for infants over three months to initially respond to changes in the sleep environment or routine with typical human protest, we coach you in understanding all of the elements surrounding these changes in your child’s sleep to support your little one through these adjustments each step of the way as we work to minimize crying as quickly as possible.

I worked with another sleep consultant before, and it wasn’t a good fit. How do I know this will be different?

Choosing the right sleep consultant can be the difference between rest and extra stress. When you work with Sleep Wise, you can choose from one of over 40 certified sleep consultants. Browse our directory of consultants to find one that you connect with. Then, schedule a FREE evaluation to make sure we’re a good match.

Are you experienced with twin sleep?

As highly experienced twin sleep specialists, we’ve got good news: it is possible for your twins to nap and sleep at the same time. We even have quite a bit of experience with triplets as well! Check out more here.

We’re struggling with sleep AND behavior. Where should we start?

Without healthy sleep, it’s difficult for parents and children to make positive behavior changes. We always recommend families build a foundation of healthy sleep first, and then tackle every other challenge with ease! Choose your sleep package to start today.

Is this covered by insurance?

Sleep Wise Consulting does not accept insurance. While some HSA and FSA programs cover sleep training services, we strongly urge you to contact your FSA or HSA administrators to confirm your personal eligibility prior to purchasing a package.

Backed by Science. Proven by Happy Families.