“We are so happy we took the time to invest and educate ourselves on the foundation of sleep.”

Halle was so patient when our sweet boy developed reflux and completely uprooted all of the work we had put in. Her guidance and personal engagement helped us through a very exhausting and trying couple of months. We are well on our way to an independent sleeper!

— Lauren, parent of a 5 Month old

“Our lives look so different now (for the better!) and we could not be more grateful!”

Sleep with our little guy used to be so stressful and unreliable. We had gotten to a point where he either had to be totally asleep before we put him down (because he’d wake up and scream immediately), or he had to be held or carried for his entire nap. Nights were bad enough with the multiple wakeups/feedings, but days were where I was really losing my mind — I had absolutely zero time to myself to do anything. It was incredible to watch him develop independent sleep skills within just a couple days of working with Erica — who was so patient, responsive and helpful as we worked through some unique issues during our time together. He’s now consistently taking two long naps a day and sleeping 11 hours straight at night — if you’d told me that 6 weeks ago I probably wouldn’t have believed it.

— Erinn, parent of a 7 Month old

“..having Heather hold my hand through this process made all the difference.”

I reached out across continents and oceans to enlist the assistance of Heather. We had previously thought my son suffered from colic but the never-ending crying, restless nights and days of being shackled to my son’s nursery ended after a few short days of working with Heather. She made us feel comfortable and safe in her approach and was literally available 24-7 if we had questions or required guidance. Following her advice, we got rid of my son’s pacifier which as a first time parent seemed unthinkable but I can happily report that my baby boy quickly adjusted to life and most importantly sleep without it. He now sleeps independently and for at least 10 hours a night. I had previously worked with two sleep consultants and tried a number of self-help books but having Heather hold my hand through this process made all the difference.

— Tejal, parent of a 5 Month old

“Our daughter is now sleeping 11+ hours a night and we are all well rested!!”

We had an awesome experience with Courtney ! She was so easy to get ahold of and explained everything she put in our daughters plan and why she put it in. She made us feel so comfortable with following a sleep plan, especially because we were nervous starting this process! She also was great with helping with a caregiver guide too!

— Malia, parent of a 5 Month old

“Honestly, I am still in shock at the magic Kelsey did for me and my family.”

My baby was 7 months and waking up every 2 hours all night before we received the referral for Kelsey. I was skeptical – I’d tried almost everything, and I thought this would be another moment of reading great reviews+getting my hopes up+trying another new method, then still waking up every 2 hours. But I was desperate. Kelsey is an angel.
Kelsey was so attuned, responsive to my many questions, confident, and warm towards my concerns and hesitancy.
My baby is still sleeping 11-12 hours every night – started doing that within 3 days of working with Kelsey and has continued the last 2 months. And my baby hardly cried at all during the process.

— Anne, parent of a 7 Month old

“I have never felt better..”

Okay so mom brag moment… 
Gracie girl was having a hard time sleeping. She would go down but waking every 2-4 hours every night. Naps?! Ugh she never took naps in her crib. We always had to go for a car ride.

Then my friend recommended Courtney! And she was an absolute pleasure. In ten days she got Gracie to go to bed on her own. Sleep through the night AND nap in her crib for 1 1/2-2 hours! I have never felt better and you know Gracie has fallen in love with her crib and sleeping!

— Aimee, parent of a 20 Month old

“This financial investment was worth more than what we paid..”

This program has drastically changed my life and my sweet little girl’s life! Before I was up all night nursing my little one to sleep, she wouldn’t take a bottle and was more fussy throughout the day. She didn’t take longer than 30 minute naps and I was not able to work much less have a life of my own! Halie was such a joy to work with she’s extremely knowledgeable. She would tell me what to expect on a follow up call and lo and behold my little one would start doing exactly what she said! I was skeptical at first thinking my little one wouldn’t take to the program but I was definitely wrong. This financial investment was worth more than what we paid, I’m able to have her on a predictable routine where I can now have my own routine and be able to work out and work! She puts herself to sleep at bedtime and at naps and even on the go, I’ve had to use a closet a time or two and she’s gotten herself to sleep flawlessly. My little one is rested and is a completely different baby than when we started, she laughs and visits and gets to enjoy her awake time discovering and loving life. I highly recommend Halie she will be the joy and answer you e been looking for!

— Candace, parent of a 4 Month old

“The plan and education I received from Kelsey was priceless.”

Around 2 months old, our baby Mary was still waking up every few hours, needing to be fed or held to sleep. Within just a few days, we had significantly longer stretches of sleep and going down without any help from Mom. The plan and education I received from Kelsey was priceless. As Mary grows, I feel confident we have the tools to help Mary continue to be an awesome sleeper!

— Johnna, parent of a 2 Month old

“Since starting our sleep program we’ve actually been able to enjoy our babe’s wake time..”

Before coming to Sleep Wise the second we put our babe down she’d wake up crying, so my partner and I had been switching off holding her all day and all night for 3 months. We were exhausted and knew it wasn’t sustainable but I was nervous and unsure if I would be able to handle her crying.  Working with Dana was a complete dream 🙂 Because I was a bit of a nervous mama, Dana always checked in with me and explained each part of the process. She gently talked us through the entire program and after just a few days, our little one was sleeping in her crib and only waking once at night for a feeding!

Since starting our sleep program we’ve actually been able to enjoy our babe’s wake time and have also been able to spend time on our own, too. I wish we had worked with Dana from day one!!

— Lindsay, parent of a 3 Month old

“It is hard to explain how appreciative I am, but this was the best decision we made..”

Megan is hands down the best investment we have made for our son. Our oldest is a good sleeper, and we had sleep trained our baby, but then he started vomiting when he went to sleep and we were despondent. She helped us beyond what we thought was possible – he not only falls asleep within 10minutes throughout the night and till a reasonable hour, but he now naps regularly for more than 30min at a time, falling asleep by himself without having to be rocked, and is now sharing a room with his brother. It is hard to explain how appreciative I am, but this was the best decision we made – and I feel that day after day.

— Talia, parent of a 10 Month old

“I was beside myself to see how quickly our daughter responded and how much she loves her sleep routine.”

We were very hesitant to sleep train because we had only heard of the “cry it out” method. If I understood there was a gentle, incredibly effective way I would have sought help sooner. I was beside myself to see how quickly our daughter responded and how much she loves her sleep routine. Now I realize she had been aching to sleep more herself.

— Maureen, parent of a 6 Month old

“Our twins have been perfect sleepers since working with Kelsey!”

We can’t say enough good things about working with Kelsey. After moving countries and time zones, our twin’s sleep was all over the place. Not only did Kelsey teach and coach us how to get them back to being amazing sleepers, but she provided so much emotional support along the way! We truly feel Kelsey went above and beyond to help our family get amazing sleep.

— Tessa, parent of a 9 Month old

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