“Monica has worked a miracle on our son!”

Our 3 year old falls asleep on his own, and sleeps all night long. In fact, he slept all night long from night ONE of working with Monica! All of this without a paci, which we never thought we could get rid of. If you need help with your little one’s sleep, reach out to Monica right this second!

— Melanie, parent of a 3 Year old

“…my only regret is that I didn’t call sooner!”

I am so happy that I decided to work with Courtney… my only regret is that I didn’t call sooner! My 11 month daughter has never slept through the night until Courtney worked her magic, she was up 2-5x any given night!

I considered some of the online resources & books but, I decided to go with her because she created a sleep plan that was based on my needs/goals, it’s not a one size fits all approach. We were able to pivot or make changes throughout the process. And if I am being totally honest… I just wanted someone (an expert) to just tell me what to do! I wasn’t interested in reading 10 books to decide which method would work best for me.

Courtney is so kind, patient and resourceful! I highly recommend working with her if you and your baby want to get some much needed rest (just don’t wait 11 months)!

— Tracy, parent of a 11 Month old

“Monica encouraged and helped me each step of the way…”

I thought I knew baby sleep until I had my second child – colicky and had reflux too. He had to be held for all naps. I reached out to Sleep Wise when he was 5.5 weeks old for some extra guidance and was SO glad I did. Monica encouraged and helped me each step of the way and in just a few weeks he started sleeping through the night!

— Jessica, parent of a 5.5 Week old

“I highly recommend Sleep Wise for anyone.”

Before working with Monica at Sleep Wise, Remy’s sleep consumed my entire days’ energy as a stay at home mom: it took nearly an hour to put my LO down for every nap with lots of tears (and then the naps only lasted a half hour)! Monica painted a picture that in just four weeks a lot of these issues could be resolved, and she did it! My LO is now three months old and puts himself to sleep with EASE in under 10 minutes almost every time with a 1-2 minute routine. His nighttime sleep lasts 11-12 hours regularly. He is a happier baby, and I am definitely a happier momma! Monica was great; she applauded me and answered all my questions every step of the way.

— Muriel, parent of a 3 Month old

“We’re now loving wake time with our girl and are all well rested!”

There are not enough positive things we can say about our experience with Kim! Before we were bouncing on an exercise ball for 30 or more minutes, every nap and at bedtime. It was exhausting and had taken over our lives. We started working with Kim when our daughter was 12 weeks old and it truly changed everything for us. She went from taking over an hour to get her to sleep, to putting herself to sleep in under 10 minutes. The first few nights were very difficult for our daughter, but Kim constantly reassessed and helped us find a plan that worked best for her. Now she is a champion napper (currently asleep as I type this) and sleeps wonderfully at night!

— Kelley, parent of a 3 Month old

“Our daughter is sleeping throughout the night now and the approach for our toddler really worked for us.”

We worked with Monica twice now with my daughter at 18 months and then again at 2.5 years. Both times, we really appreciated Monica’s approach to really work with us and customize a plan for us and helping us to address the various challenges that were unique to our daughter’s sleep. Before we worked with Monica we had our daughter wanting us in her room until she fell asleep for sometimes up to 1-2 hours, we had her wanting milk in the bed and having several night wake ups as well and wanting us to sleep next to her. With a newborn in the house, this was not conducive for any of us. She was trained well from month 18 (the first time we worked with Monica and because of covid and regression she fell out of her routine at 2.5 years). After working with Monica at 2 different age stages, we have successfully sleep trained our daughter again with minimal tears. Monica helped us to tailor an approach that worked for us and our daughter to ensure a smooth transition. We had Monica visit our home for an in home consult as well and that really helped for her to get to know our daughter and see the sleep challenges we were personally up against. Monica has been so kind and always very helpful and always ready to answer any questions. We feel so comfortable working with her and really appreciate how she has encouraged us throughout the process and helped us work through any challenges we had. Our daughter is sleeping throughout the night now and the approach for our toddler really worked for us. Thank you Sleep Wise and Monica!!

— Siddhi, parent of a 2.5 Year old

“The Sleep Wise program quite literally saved my sanity and my marriage.”

Before starting the program, my baby girl was fed to sleep and would only sleep on me. She napped in my arms for 20-30 minutes, and it took me 2-4 hours to put her down to sleep for the night, and it was on my chest, rendering me stuck in her nursery after her bedtime. We had no routine, and I constantly felt like I was putting her to sleep. We started with Nikki, our sleep consultant, when my daughter was 13 weeks old. The results were tremendous, and quite honestly, magic. My daughter was able to put herself to sleep alone, in her own crib on the second day. She slept through the night for the first time after 3 days. I would definitely say she is now the best sleeper in the house. I am now able to get SO much more done during the day, and I get to spend the evenings with my husband again. I am eternally grateful, and I will forever shout my testimony from the rooftops.  Sleep Wise is the real deal.

— Lotem, parent of a 3 Month old

“Sleep Wise’s toddler methods were respectful, positive, and supportive.”

For the past two years, sleep has been a battle for us. Our son fought sleep since he was a few days old. I felt like a failure because who ever heard of a newborn fighting sleep? We’d watch for sleep cues. We’d read and try everything. We even tried cry it out but it only amped him up and made his sleep anxiety worse. We went to a local renowned sleep center, but they said we were doing all the right things, and chalked it up to night terrors. I finally decided to work with a consultant a family member had success with and I wish we did it sooner. Before working with Sleep Wise: James was refusing to nap at home, bedtime would take an hour and he demanded holding our hand. He had multiple night wake ups and I’d have to co-sleep with him in order for him to feel confident enough to sleep. Co-sleeping with James is like sleeping next to a Tasmanian Devil. Sleep Wise’s toddler methods were respectful, positive, and supportive. It wasn’t what I expected at all. Not only is our son falling asleep on his own at night, asking to go to bed when he’s tired, but he is able to get himself through more night wakings by himself and fall back asleep. He’s even taking naps at home again! I feel like we’ve turned a corner and I’m relieved our son has finally found that sleep is GOOD, he can trust the process, and he is a confident sleeper. And personally, I don’t feel like I failed. I feel like I needed some direction and support, and that’s what Sleep Wise provided us.

— Heather, parent of a 24 Month old

“My experience with Sleep Wise has absolutely brought life back into my mom journey.”

Before this experience I was just trying to make it through my days in one piece. I was tired and stressed and the circle just kept going. After Sleep Wise we have been on a schedule and have been getting the much needed sleep we need to function! My consultant was absolutely amazing and I will continuously recommend her to anyone and everyone!

— Morgan, parent of a 5 Month old

“We are all feeling much more rested and are so thankful for Courtney!!”

Courtney was great to work with! Being a first time mom, I have a lot of anxiety and Courtney was really great with answering all our questions and giving us many options. Remi’s situation was a little tough because she was transitioning out of the snoo. Courtney took that into consideration and walked us through step by step on how to get Remi sleeping in her crib. I honestly couldn’t believe by the second night she went to sleep within minutes without any crying and has been sleeping through the night consistently and napping great as well!

— Remi, parent of a 6 Month old

“This was the best decision that we have made for our family.”

Not only is our baby boy sleeping through the night, but we are as well. We can all be better individuals when we are well-rested and can have quality time together as a family.

Luka was only sleeping a few hours at a time and all of us were exhausted. Luka was so fussy before working with Monica and now he is rested and is such a happy baby. We recently had a friend over that saw how easy it was to put my son down for a nap and she said, “Is it really that easy for him to fall asleep?”. He has learned to put himself to sleep and our lives are better because of it. We are so thrilled and proud to say that he is sleeping 11-12 hours each night. What a transformation in such a short amount of time.

Monica was our consultant and she coached us through every single step. There was never a moment that we felt lost. We were 100% supported and it made all the difference.

— Haley and Mark, parents of a 3 Month old

“We feel so much better.”

At six months, our baby was still waking up every 2-3 hours (like an infant) to eat. We had failed to convince him that this was not a good idea. We were so groggy it was hard to think straight, much less make a sleep plan and stick with it. Erica gave us the structure and guidance we needed, we followed her instructions, and now he reliably sleeps 11 hours a night. We feel so much better. Thank you, Erica!!!!!!!!!!!

— Laura, parent of a 6 Month old

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