“What a turnaround!”

From the worst sleeper on the block to a baby who can sleep through the night on his own. Dana came highly recommended as a baby whisperer who walks on water, and certainly lived up to that high praise. Our whole house is happier and more rested. Thank you!

— Daniel, parent of a 6 Month old

“It felt like magic…”

When we started, our 4 month old was waking up every 1-2 hours at night and only taking naps on us. Within two weeks, she was waking just once a night (what we wanted), taking 1-2 hour naps, and most importantly, going to sleep on her own *happily*! It felt like magic, but at the same time the advice we got was all very logical. I am so glad that we did it, because it’s not just the baby, but the whole house that is sleeping better now.

— Allison, parent of a 4 Month old

“Erica is our hero…”

I truly didn’t think it would work but it did!! Erica is our hero and we are so grateful for her help!! Our son now sleeps 11 hours a night and everyone is so much happier!

— Gabriela, parent of a 24 Month old

“We are very thankful for our more rested family!”

Kelsey and the team has helped us navigate a challenging case with our 7 month old. They assisted in solving crucial pieces that we would not have known without them. Kelsey was supportive and responsive throughout the process.

— Michelle, parent of a 7 Month old

“I can really tell a difference in them!”

Before we taught Isla and Idris how to sleep we were winging it. I love having a schedule and knowing exactly what we’re doing because we really didn’t know what to do before.

Sometimes we would dread the weekends and being home all together because there wasn’t a set schedule and it was just exhausting for everybody. It is a lot easier now knowing that they are going to go to bed or go down for their naps and they are not overtired. And then we have time together as a husband and wife.

— Ashley, parent of 12 Month old twins

“Jeannine is our household hero.”

We worked with her several years ago (and had amazing success!) when we were exhausted from our 2nd born’s sleep issues, so I knew I had to reach out to her when our 3rd little one had us up all hours of the night with no end in sight. No amount of googling could help me; I needed Jeannine’s wisdom. Our 4 month old went from waking up 3-4 times a night and being in a carrier for every nap to sleeping ALL night long and napping independently for all of her naps. She’s now getting the sleep she needs, and I’m getting the sleep I need to better care for my family. I feel like a new person!

— Audrey, parent of a 4 Month old

“…the best decision we made for sleep training!”

Working with Chris was the best decision we made for sleep training! We went from co sleeping and multiple night wakings to a happy toddler that goes to sleep on his own and sleeps till his alarm clock. We get so much more sleep! Highly recommend to any parent struggling for a good night sleep.

— Libby, parent of a 3 Year old

“…an approach that worked for the whole family…”

I admit I was somewhat skeptical of hiring a sleep consultant, but we were really struggling with our 18 month old daughter’s sleep habits and were ready to try almost anything. It was simply AMAZING what our consultant, Chris, and the program was able to help us achieve in a couple of nights! Chris was knowledgeable, calm, warm, supportive and helped resolve the differing views on sleep between me and my wife to tailor an approach that worked for the whole family. We went from hours putting our daughter to bed and dealing with her wakings throughout the night to a set 10-15 routine with no wakings. She is now over 2 and we’re navigating her ability to climb out of the crib, but have skills to manage those changes and have Chris as a resource should we need it. Thank you!!

— Robert, parent of a 24 Month old

“One of the biggest benefits to working with Halie was having her there to help me stay strong.”

The best part about our time with Halie was knowing I had support and no matter what the problems were, there was a solution. Even if I felt like I had tried it before, she had me do it a different way and that fixed the problem.

One of the biggest benefits to working with Halie was having her there to help me stay strong. If I was without that support, I would have given in and we wouldn’t be where we are today. Because of her help and support, we made it.

Now that I can just lay them down to go to sleep, it’s Heaven. I know that even if we’ve had a long day which they are many long days in quarantine, bedtime is not a gamble. Now, we are guaranteed we are good to go when they lay down and me and my husband can have our own time. Getting our time back gave us our sanity back.

Even for me as a mom, before doing this, I couldn’t go meet my friends in the evening because I had to be home to lay with them because they wouldn’t go to sleep without me. I can go now. That alone is amazing. I’m so grateful for Halie and she proved my skeptic husband and mom wrong!

— Lindsey, parent of 4 Year old twins

“I am in awe of the results…”

Allison was absolutely incredible. I will be recommending her to everyone I know. She is the reason we were able to trust the process and reached the level of success we did. I must say I went into this very skeptical as well as over tired and emotional. To my surprise, we started seeing life changing results within 48 hours and Allison made sure to provide hands-on compassionate support until we felt we could maintain the established success. After going through this process, I feel empowered and considerably more confident as a parent and first time mom. Prior to our sleep training experience with Allison, I truly thought we just had ” a bad sleeper” and there would be no relief. I am in awe of the results and so grateful for Allison and her guidance. If you are considering enrolling- request Allison specifically. She is incredibly knowledgeable, relatable, kind, and truly effective.

— Jessica, parent of a 5 Month old

“I had a child that no one could help but Sleep Wise Consulting.”

When I tell you we suffered from sleep deprivation, we really did. Months and months of no sleeping with a child that had major nighttime fears. Doctors and specialists had no idea what to do and some suggested anxiety medications like Zoloft. My husband and I didn’t believe she needed it and felt like doctors and specialists didn’t care. One night after hours and days of no sleeping and a crazy child, I did tons of research and found Sleep Wise consulting. We spoke many times without having to give them any money and they realized I had a harder case than most and gave me a specialized consultant and my life changed. We were hesitant and I was fighting them at fist. But immediately because I had my husbands support and Kim’s expertise, knowledge and compassion. I knew I needed to shut up and just do. And truly a miracle happened. My daughter slept. She slept through the night. And she fell asleep on her own. I had a child that no one could help but Sleep Wise Consulting. I have screamed on the roof tops about how great they are and how they changed my life. And if you want to talk to me personally, let Kim know, and I will speak to you about it! Good luck to all parents!! Trust Sleep Wise Consulting.

— Diana, parent of a 6 Year old

“Alison M. was amazing! “

She was very thorough and made sure my husband and I stayed on the course. Our son adapted well and he continues to thrive. Thanks so much Alison!

— Courtney, parent of a 10 Month old

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