“He’s happier and sweeter, and I’m so thankful.”

Cal has been sleeping until 7am for a week now!! He’s happier and sweeter, and I’m so thankful. I feel we’re in a great spot and have a good plan going forward. So appreciative of your time and energy, Kelsey! Many many thanks!

Sleep Wise, thank you for assembling such a great team, being a phenomenal resource, and putting out GREAT content! Your blog, your emails, etc., are just beautiful (both visually and content-wise)! I like getting them in my inbox (how often do we actually say that?!?!). The time and energy you give to moms is fantastic and I’m really thankful I found you. I will refer you and your team to ANYONE with a question or concern.

— Bonnie, parent of a 9 Month old

“You cannot put a price tag on the success we have achieved with our baby’s sleep because of Sleep Wise.”

I cannot express how grateful I am to Dana and Sleep Wise for getting my family to the point we are at with our infant’s sleep habits. As first-time parents, we were desperate to improve our sleep via our newborn’s sleep in any amount possible. We began with the newborn sleep plan which Dana described as a really great way to gently enter into the infant sleep plan when the baby is old enough to take to a sleep schedule. She was completely right. As a type A person with not an iota of expertise in babies or baby sleep, it was a huge relief to me to lean on Dana to do the heavy lifting of telling me what to do rather than have to figure it out myself–and all while feeling like a zombie. The support was invaluable to me. Dana always had a tip to suggest or a tweak to how we were doing things which gave me hope that the sleeping situation would improve, and provided me with the peace of mind to know we were doing the best we could given the baby’s age. Then once it was time to commit to a plan that our baby was developmentally ready to respond to, it went very smoothly. I was shocked at how well the first night committing to the infant plan went. And whether all of the newborn plan lead up was preparing the baby or preparing my husband and I… it worked! Thank you, Dana. I am so glad we made the choice to work with you!

— Kris, parent of a 4 Month old

“Any family would be blessed to have her as their sleep consultant!”

Nikki, the sleep genie!  When we first reached out to Sleep Wise, my husband and I were at our wits end. Our little one was waking up every 30 minutes throughout the day and night. She had been sleeping on me since she was first born. It was BAD.  Some friends suggested Sleep Wise to us and reached out to them without hesitation. There were so many sleep consultants to choose from and we are so thankful that the sleep consultant quiz helped us choose the right consultant for our family. We needed someone who was non-judgemental/understanding but held us accountable. That person was Nikki as she fit this description perfectly.

One of the first questions asked by Nikki was what fears did we have? We were honestly afraid that by the end of our time together, our little one’s sleeping habits wouldn’t be any different. We were convinced that she was an anomaly and there was no “sleep cure” for her. Our little one has been that “unique child” in everything she does so far. We just knew that sleep wasn’t going to be any different and we weren’t wrong. Our little one was unique compared to other stories we’ve heard about sleep training from friends. However, I think this speaks to Nikki’s character and giftings all the more. Nikki was still able to transform our little one’s sleep habits despite the numerous curve balls thrown.

Here are some improvements that we have seen since working with Nikki: Not only does she sleep better, but she eats better! An issue we have had since birth.  Her napping has improved drastically, so we no longer have to worry that she will only be asleep for the next 20 minutes.  She is sleeping independently and mom and dad have their room back! We no longer have to be concerned with accidentally waking her at night when we go to bed.  She even seems more alert during the day!

Nikki was timely in her responses. She is professional, yet very personable. She was able to troubleshoot challenges efficiently. She was even open to answering questions after our time with her was officially over. All of these qualities made her a phenomenal sleep consultant.  While we were thrilled to have our little one sleeping better, it was hard seeing Nikki go. She had quickly become a part of our family.

— Camira and Sterling, parents of a 7 Month old

“I feel like I finally have my life back!!”

I cannot believe how much progress was made in just 2 weeks. My baby went from waking every 45 minutes to sleeping 11-12 hours a night with solid naps during the day! Monica was so sweet to work with and took our whole family’s needs into consideration when creating our plan.  I didn’t know my baby could sleep so much!

— Hannah, parent of a 6 Month old

“This was a game changer for my husband and I.”

After years of infertility and losing our twins my husband and I welcomed our rainbow baby Mackenzie! Mackenzie never slept though. We were so grateful to have received our blessing we assumed that we needed to hold her all the time. She would only nap unless you held her and she would get up frequently throughout the night. Typically she would sleep for 2-3 hours at a time and my husband and I would just take turns. I dreaded the nights because I never knew what to except. We thought there has to be a solution.

Our solution was Kelsey Hotchkiss! A few friends had recommended us to her and how could we have not known that other couples used a sleep specialist! She was amazing and truly admirable to work with. She was compassionate, understanding and very attentive towards all of our needs. Kelsey walked us through every step and made sure we felt confident with the process.  I am happy to say that Mackenzie is now sleeping 10 hours a night and taking 2 full naps on her own every day! This was a game changer for my husband and I. Thank you Kelsey Hotchkiss and Sleep Wise Consulting! We are forever appreciative for all your help and support.

— Megan, parent of a 10 Month old

“I’m absolutely amazed at the results from the program..”

Erica was an absolute pleasure to work with! My 4 and 6 year old have been struggling with sleep for over a year. I was at my breaking point and never believed things could change. She said my kids could learn how to fall asleep on their own, which I thought was impossible. I’m absolutely amazed at the results from the program she built for us – it saved our lives, and my sanity! Thank you Erica!

— Ali, parent of a 6 Year old

“..nighttime is a breeze and this momma no longer has anxiety..”

My 5 month old, Claire, really threw me for a loop when she started waking up every 1.5-2 hours at night needing to be settled in some way (lost a pacifer, rolled over and couldn’t roll back, needing to be rocked back to sleep). She also still woke up for at least one (but sometimes two) night bottles. After a few weeks I was so exhausted and baby Claire was showing her sleep deprivation by being fussier all day. Halie gave us just the right tools and techniques and came up with the perfect schedule to fit Claire. On night one, she put herself to sleep with no props and by night three she was sleeping 10-12 hours without waking. She has even pretty much completely dropped her nighttime feeds. We are all so much more rested and she is so much happier during the day. Naps are stellar, nighttime is a breeze and this momma no longer has anxiety about how our nights are going to go and how much sleep I may lose that night. We got so much support from Halie and she was available to answer ALL my questions and just encourage us through the whole process. This investment was worth EVERY penny!

— Carolyn, parent of a 5 Month old

“Kelsey was a lifeline to us in a very difficult time.”

Although we had sleep trained our son before, we were still experiencing challenging nights and naps and knew something needed to change. Kelsey was patient with our family and stayed with us for a long time to ensure all our sleep goals were met. We are so thankful to have worked with her. We no longer have prolonged night wakings and less tears for us all!

— Julie, parent of a 2 Month old

“Now we all sleep through the night and feel grateful every time.”

We were exhausted. We had tried sleep training on our own. We couldn’t handle sorting through all the different sleep training options out in the world.

— Zoe, parent of a 6 Month old

“Kate created a guide and coached us to achieve a more predictable schedule for our family-it has been worth every penny!”

Our baby could not sleep independently at all! We were mentally & physically exhausted which led us to Kate. Kate created a guide and coached us to achieve a more predictable schedule for our family-it has been worth every penny! Our baby is now sleeping through the night, taking scheduled naps & she is even putting herself to sleep without any assistance. Our whole family is rested & recharged. We wish we would’ve started sooner!

— Liz, parent of a 4.5 Month old

“She is such a happier baby and loves our bedtime routine and is so excited to see us in the morning!”

We are beyond grateful for the Sleep Wise program and our amazing consultant, Halie- we could not have done it without her incredible support & positive reassurance.  Our daughter was a great sleeper until she turned ten months old and then refused to sleep in her crib. We bed shared for four months before we decided we needed to seek out a program to help get her comfortable in her own bed again- after trying EVERYTHING on our own.

The program implemented a very consistent bedtime and nap time routine that has just come so natural to our daughter. She went from sleeping 6-7 hours to 12 hours a night!!! She is such a happier baby and loves our bedtime routine and is so excited to see us in the morning! What a difference two weeks makes.  We are so thankful for the wonderful support we received over the course of two weeks and are so happy with the outcome- everyone is sleeping better thanks to Sleep Wise!!

— Jessica & Matt, parents of a 12 Month old

“I finally feel “normal” again.”

Before working with Sleep Wise, my 4 month old twins were on opposite schedules, so that when we finally got one to go to sleep, the other would be wide awake! In addition to multiple night wakings, we needed to rock them to sleep every time. Within two days of working with Sarah, one of my twins already started sleeping through the night! Sarah thoroughly answered all my questions and every tip she gave immediately worked. It was magical! In a week, the twins were on the same schedule, taking great naps, and sleeping from 7-7! I finally feel “normal” again. Everyone in my family (including the babies!) are much happier with more sleep! I highly recommend Sleep Wise and my only regret is not contacting them sooner!

— Kathy, parent of a 4 Month old

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