Just like kids need a good night’s sleep to be at their best, so do adults. When you’re busy taking care of others, though, it can be hard to focus on what you need. Here is the super simple secret that will have you sleeping well tonight – and most nights from here on out.

You’re tired and the last thing you want is someone else giving you a list of things to try (that you likely already have!) to help you sleep better. I get it, which is why I promise not to point out that chamomile tea is relaxing or suggest bedtime yoga, okay?

But there are a few things you can start doing right now that will help you sleep better…and they don’t involve anything crazy, expensive, or hard. And really, they are all apart of the one thing you can do to get better sleep tonight.

How To Get A Good Night’s Sleep

A massage at bedtime would help you sleep better. So would a vacation on a tropical island. But since neither of those things are going to happen any time soon, let’s look at what you can make happen so you can get the sleep you need to function well each day and sleep better each night.

You know the obvious things:

  • Stop drinking caffeine after lunch
  • Stop staring at blue screens (i.e. your laptop and phone) before bed
  • Don’t eat a lot of sugary foods before bed
  • Take a walk to use some energy, but not get your adrenaline pumping
  • Take a hot shower
  • Drink some soothing bedtime tea

You may or may not do some or all of those. But let’s face it, some of those just aren’t possible with your life. However, what if there was one more thing you could do, that was even easier than all of that? There is!

The #1 Way To Sleep Better: Create A Bedroom Made For Sleeping

Ideally, your bedroom is where you sleep.

But in reality? It’s where you toss and turn, worrying about the day’s stress and what tomorrow will bring. It’s where you stare at the clock and watch the wee hours of the morning tick by. It’s where you scroll on your phone and ponder the fate of people on Facebook.

However, a few simple changes can turn your bedroom from the place where you lay on your bed wishing for a better night’s sleep to the place where you go to bed and awake well rested, ready to start a new day.

Make Your Bed

The foundation for a good night’s sleep starts when you wake up. To keep your room a haven where you’ll sleep soundly, start your day by making your bed.

According a survey by Hunch.com, 71% of people who make their beds consider themselves to be happy people (source). And that happiness was defined as satisfaction in their job, healthier exercise habits, owning a home, and feeling well rested.

Can you imagine starting to see your life improve and your sleep quality increase, just by spending less than 3 minutes a morning making your bed? It’s possible, as the data shows!

Lose Track Of Time

Or at least your clock. Watching the minutes tick by and counting how much sleep you’re going to get (or not get) before it’s time to start the next day just adds stress and frustration, neither of which help you sleep better.

I can hear your objection already: you need your alarm.

No problem! Set your alarm on your phone, turn it upside down or even put it in a drawer, and don’t touch it until the alarm goes off. Not even once.

This will save you headaches, worry, and shorten those periods of sleeplessness if you do have them.

Close The Curtains & Turn Off The Lights

Your body was created to wake with light and sleep when it’s dark.

In fact, your body can’t produce melatonin, the hormone that helps you sleep, when certain types of lights are present. Darkness is your new best friend.

So to get your best sleep, close the curtains, turn off any lights, and even eliminate any clocks or radios with lights from your room. And if you do need to have them in there, put a piece of black electrical tape over any lights that show so you don’t see them when the lights go out.

You’ll sleep so much better if there is no light at all when you flick that light switch and settle in to slumber.

Get A Good Night’s Sleep

See, all easy fixes! And things you can fix right now to sleep better tonight.

So go make your bed if you didn’t this morning, get rid of your clock, and eliminate any light. And tomorrow? Enjoy waking up feeling more rested than you have in a while!

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